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Easy to Use Software for CAN device detection and diagnosis. Comes with USB keypro.  Converts CAN messages and eliminates the hassle of wading through logs and manually interpreting results.  Supports math functions.


Easy to Use Software for CAN device detection and diagnosis. Comes with USB keypro. Converts CAN messages and eliminates the hassle of wading through logs and manually interpreting results. Supports math functions.

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The CAN Bus (Controller Area Network) is a serial two-wire full-duplex communication specification which conforms to the international standard ISO-11898 standard communication interface. The protocol of the CAN bus allows multiple nodes in a system to communicate efficiently with each other. It is already widely used in vehicle and vessel internal components; in recent years, it has seen adoption in data communications and control in industrial industry. The CAN Bus is used on the data transfer and control between controllers, a common setup in various industries. Examples include military use, electric power measurement, building automation, semiconductor equipment and elevator networks. This type of monitoring system is made up of many single-device combinations. To verify that things are working properly, one relies upon the integrity of software.

  • No need to write any programs. The graphical interface is ready-made and easy to operate.
  • Limited to neither the vehicle nor instrument brand; it's interoperable.
  • The pre-loaded CAN communication protocol settings file protects against security leaks, ensuring safe operation.
  • Can set the returned CAN discrimination, eliminating the hassle of wading through logs and manually interpreting results.
  • Can be used to operate and diagnose lights, windows, dashboard or other vehicular electronic systems and components.
  • Supports CAN 2.0A and CAN 2.0B specifications.
  • The test command planning interface to set the test command, the transfer cycle, detecting the reply command and users' description.
  • Can store commands to the specific file.
  • Supports both the single- and multi-function tests.
  • Provides time stamps for the beginning and end of each test.
  • Displays real-time CAN status

CAN Message Modeling

Users can model the vehicle CAN protocol or other special CAN protocol, set to the CANcheck software, the software will be able to follow the CAN command set and command transfer cycle. Users could provide the meaningful description for each CAN command. This helps to manage and identify all the complex CAN commands. CANcheck applications

CAN Message Management

Different CAN message sets can be stored in different configuration files. The user can easily pipe different configuration files for different test cases. For example, a car factory can store several different cars' data in different configuration files, and then call the corresponding one as needed to test each car. CANcheck applications

CAN Message Verification

Different CAN instruments have different command sets; correspondingly, the return messages also differ. CANcheck can be used to perform verification of expected return messages – an easy way of error-checking operations. This feature does away with manual log-checking, and with it human error and tedium. CANcheck applications

CAN Data Conversion

The CANcheck software provides the functionality of implementing the conversion of the CAN data. The CAN data of the specific CAN ID could be converted to the value of "long" type, "float" type and etc. When receiving the specific CAN messages, the CAN data will be converted to the specific data type and data value quickly and automatically. The users could focus on those converted value and need not to convert for each raw data manually. This conversion will help the users to deal with the huge raw data more friendly.

CANcheck applications

CAN Monitor CAN Raw Data with Trend

The CAN messages which is transmitting within the CAN bus always contains much important information. The host computer also obtains that information which comes from the remote devices by the CAN bus. In general, the host computer acts as an important controller and it is difficult to obtain additional information from the host computer. The trend chart functionality of the CANcheck software allows the users to monitor some specific information in the CAN bus and transfers the raw CAN data into meaningful and important information directly, such as engine speed, vehicle speed, fuel and other information. Without any modification of the host computer, the users will be able to learn the details of the system only by monitoring the specific CAN messages in the CAN bus. CANcheck applications
CANcheck applications

Provide the real-time math function

In some complex CAN control systems, such as temperature and humidity control, motion control with servo motor and other complex systems. The individual CAN messages include raw data which is not enough to get the physical information. The physical information always need combine some raw data with some mathematical operations, such as average temperature, entire flow, the coordinate translation and etc. It is a very difficult and time-consuming work by the human to calculate the large amounts of data in short time. The CANcheck software provides the math functionality which allows the users to write their own mathematical formula that contains four arithmetic operations, but also includes trigonometry, square root operations and etc. The users can edit the appropriate mathematical formula to obtain the important result. As a result, the users can monitor the actual physical data easily and directly. CANcheck applications


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