ET-7000: a Modbus TCP connect tool for the ET-7000/ PET-7000 serious modules of ICP DAS

ET-7000 is a Modbus TCP master(client) tool developed for communicating to ET-7000, PET-7000, ET-7200 and PET-7200 series module that ICP DAS manufactured.

With ET-7000 can:

  • Monitor ET-7000 series modules on a LAN or the Internet via Modbus/TCP protocol.
  • Access to digital point status and set output status.
  • Access to analog point values and set output values.

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ICPDAS MQTT is based on Message Queuing Telemetry Transport (MQTT) protocol. ICPDAS MQTT is a MQTT client that allows you Connect, Subscribe and Publish to MQTT broker.


  • Get the real time value from DL-302 module, a data logger module of ICPDAS’s designed to accurately measure CO2, temperature and humidity.
  • Get DI (Digital Input) value from WISE-7255 and set DO (Digital Output) value to WISE-7255 module.
  • Access to analog point values and set output values.

iAir by ICPDAS

iAir is a remote monitor for Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Carbon Monoxide (CO), temperature and humidity. The measurement values can be obtained from the DL-300 series which are produced by ICPDAS CO., LTD. via Ethernet or bluetooth.

DL-300 series are now available for DL-301, DL-302 and DL-303 modules.

The DL-300 series can be added to the monitored list by searching on LAN or directly inputting an IP address.

The monitored list can be arranged to a group. In the group list view, Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Carbon Monoxide (CO), temperature and humidity values of all devices can be obtained simultaneously.

Use iAir can:

  • Get the real-time Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide and temperature of air where the device is placed.
  • Send message to DL-300 series.