OPC Servers

About NAPOPC.M2M DA Server

Our NAPOPC.M2M DA Server is an OPC software package operated as an OPC driver of a HMI or SCADA system. It provides seamless connection with ICP DAS’s GPRS RTU products such as G-4500 RTU, GT-540, etc to our SCADA system softwares such as InduSoft, AVEVA Edge, Wonderware, iFix, Citec, LabView, etc following OPC 2.0 Data Access Standards. By using NAPOPC.M2M DA server and our RTU products not only monitors the data but sends them out in real time to the control center through GPRS or Ethernet Network. Also, by combining a GPS (optional) with G-4500 RTU, it suddenly becomes a tracking system which you can often find out in the car system, marine system, etc.


  • Application Architecture
  • Friendly Interface
  • Auto Search
  • Real-Time Monitoring/Controlling


  • Remote Control/Monitor System
  • Car Monitor System
  • GIS system
  • Redundant Communication System