Analog Output Module, 8 channels, 4 ~ 20 mA, for DCS systems, supports operating temperatures from -25°C ~ +75°C


Analog Output Module, 8 channels, 4 ~ 20 mA, for DCS systems, supports operating temperatures from -25°C ~ +75°C

  Price:  $1,999.00  


The F-8028CH is a 16-bit, 8-channel analog output module. It provides digital to analog converter controlled by the system module to convert the digital data into output signals. Users can specify the start up and safety value through configuration software. Moreover, this module has ±0.05% accuracy for highly accurate application. In addition to current output, F-8028CH is also built-in HART master interface to remotely maintain devices via HART. Besides, the F-8028CH provides 3000VDC optical isolation between channels and backplane bus. If any high voltage or current damages these channels, this module won’t affect other component in iDCS-8000 system.

  • 8 current output channels
  • HART compliant
  • Built-in HART master interface
  • Overrange output
  • Open wire detection
  • RoHS compliance
  • 3000 VDC isolation from output to backplane
  • 3000 VDC isolation from output to frame ground
  • Redundancy
  • Fast redundant switching time (<1 ms)


  • Building Automation
  • Factory Automation
  • Machine Automation
  • Remote Maintenance
  • Remote Diagnosis
  • Testing Equipment


HART interface Yes, supports HART master
Redundant Yes (Switching time < 1 ms)
Termination board break off detection Yes
Open Wire Detection Yes
Power-On Value Yes
Safety Value Yes
Accuracy 1 RUN, 1 ACT, 1 DUX
Analog Output
Number of channels 8
Type 4 ~ 20 mA, currnet sourcing
Maximum Allowable Output Range ±25% (0 ~ 24 mA)
Resolution 16 bit
Output Response Time <200 μS
Accuracy ±0.05% FSR
Zero Drift ±0.2 μV/℃
Span Drift ±25 ppm/℃
Output Capacity 0 ~ 750 Ω
Data Range -2500 ~ 12500
Isolation 3000 VDC
EMC EN61000-6-2, EN61000-6-4, IEC/EN 61000-4-2, IEC/EN 61000-4-4
Termination board DN-AIO-M
Maximum power consumption 0.5 W + 10W1
Operating temperature -25°C ~ +75°C
Humidity 5 ~ 95 % RH, Non-condensing
Weight 300 g
Dimensions (W x L x H) 30 mm x 85 mm x 115 mm

1. The power consumption depends on the load.

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