WISE Controller Application

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WISE(web-based) Controller Applications
Since the debut of WISE Intelligent Controller in 2010, the rich features of WISE such as: easy-to-use configuration interface, no programming required, more types of I/O supported and flexible logic setting has brought enormous praise in various fields from customers worldwide. WISE is also recognized by continuously winning 2011 and 2012 Taiwan Excellence Award. We aim to bring more advanced functions to this product; at the same time, we have gathered applications in using WISE controllers from our customers and would like to share these valuable experiences with you.

Tunnel Monitoring System
The security maintenance in a tunnel is a tough work and it is time-sensitive. For it always requires to monitor a wide range of areas in the tunnel, if all monitoring jobs only rely on manual operations when a disaster happened, it might cause delays and lead to huge losses. WISE-5800 allows to connect to various I/O devices and is able to response to the emergency in real-time. In this case, the WISE-5800 controllers are installed in various segments in the tunnel and are connected to smoke/temperature sensors, warning lights, sprinklers, ventilation fans and other equipments. The Rules that in response to emergency situations could be pre-set in WISE-5800, and then when smoke and high temperature are detected, the fire fighting procedures will be triggered; the sprinklers will be automatically turned on to put out the fire; the ventilation fans will be started to take away the smoke; and will turn on the warning lights and open the security doors to guide people in the tunnel away from the emergency scene. The related information will be gathered in back-end control center, and will send out notification to all controllers in all segments of the tunnel for traffic control and management.

1. WISE-5800 controller allows to connect with ICP DAS I-7000 modules and Modbus RTU modules; therefore enables to control various I/O devices at the same time. Via RS-485, WISE-5800 is able to connect to remote I/O modules all over the place; offering flexible deployment options for on-site wiring.
2. WISE-5800 controller is equipped with IF-THEN-ELSE logic setting function. The logic Rules can be easily implemented via web page interface. And after the settings are completed, it allows to perform real-time monitoring for the on-site status and be able to immediately response to the emergency situations.
3. Support Modbus TCP / RTU Protocol, enables to connect with SCADA software in control center for data aggregation.
Unmanned Facility Room Monitoring System
As the advance in science and technology development, the power system and the network system have become essential parts of modern life. No matter in the buildings, factories, or even outdoors, there are always control rooms with devices installed for power and network management and control. Due to the control rooms are always filled with all kinds of expensive devices and usually under high loading operations; the safety of access control, the monitoring of temperature and humidity, and power consumption management become important issues for the whole system.

WISE-5801 can be used for monitoring the lights-out control room. WISE-5801 allows to connect to ICP DAS I-7000 and Modbus RTU Slave modules; therefore it is able to connect with thermometer, hygrometer, air conditioner, warning devices and access control system. Logic for daily regular maintenance in the control room can be set on WISE-5801, such as:
  • When the room temperature in the control room is getting too high and being detected, the air conditioning equipments will be turned on to reduce the heat, if the temperature still cant be cooled down after a period of time, a real-time message notification will be sent to related personnel for further action.
  • Set up the rotation schedule for air conditioning devices to take turns operating to ensure the air conditioning devices wont be damaged due to prolonged operation.
  • If an air conditioning device is damaged, it can be detected by the voltage variation via meter; once the air conditioning device is identified to be damaged, the back-up air conditioning will be turned on and will send out a notification to related personnel.
In addition, it allows to connect to WISE-5801 by SCADA software to perform the monitoring and control of the control room, data collection, and the power consumption of the entire control room can be statistically calculated in order to manage the electricity usage and cost.

  1. WISE-5801 is able to connect with ICP DAS I-7000 modules and Modbus RTU modules, it allows to control more I/O ports and supports a wide variety of I/O devices. One WISE-5801 controller is enough to complete the monitoring of all devices in the control room.
  2. WISE controller allows to set up logic rules for 24 hours control room maintenance and monitoring; provides immediate response to the emergency situation and saves manpower.
  3. The two-way SMS communication capability of WISE-5801 enables to send message automatically to the related personnel, furthermore, the related personnel could send message to the WISE-5801 to remotely set up the output value for a specific channel.
Fire Alarm Linked System

When a fire burns out in a building, not only the people near the fire scene need to pay attention to the emergency situation but all people in the building should be notified with the latest update. With the advanced P2P function of WISE, a linked alarm system can be easily built. Put 6 WISE-7152 modules in six regions of this area, the DI channels of each WISE-7152 module are connected to temperature/smoke detectors and emergency switches, and the 6 DO channels will be connected with the 6 warning lights (each warning light for a region). When the WISE-7152 in F region detects fire, it will send out the warning via the advanced P2P function to share the information. All warning lights represent F region on the 6 WISE-7152 distributed in the 6 regions will be turned on to notify everyone in the building that a fire is happening in F region. By knowing the exact fire scene location will help to guild people the accurate direction to leave the fire scene. After the problem in F region being solved by related personnel, press the emergency switch to turn off the alarm, the alarm in all 6 WISE-7152 will be turn off at the same time.

In addition to the 6 WISE-7152 distributed in various regions, another WISE-7152 could be installed to monitor the network status of all 6 WISE-7152 modules. Through the sharing information ability of advanced P2P function, this WISE-7152 will communicate with the other 6 WISE-7152 modules regularly, and the light indicators of the 6 DO channels on this WISE-7152 will show the network status of the 6 WISE-7152 modules. The operator could easily verify the network status of each module in this fire alarm linked system by the indicator and could quickly find and fix the module with no response.


  1. WISE-71xx series features advanced P2P function, multiple WISE modules could share channel information via network in real-time and could response immediately.
  2. By using Ethernet as the communication network for the entire system and with the POE feature WISE supported allows to reduce wiring.
  3. Without the use of a complex SCADA system, it allows to show the operating status of the whole system by the indicators and easy to perform maintenance.