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Product Upgrade Notice: GW-7433D, CANopen/Modbus TCP Gateway, the firmware v2.0 with new functions is released
The GW-7433D acts as a CANopen master to Modbus slave gateway which can allow the Modbus master, such as PLC, PAC or HMI, to access the CANopen slaves. It allows the multiple Modbus TCP clients, one RS-232 Modbus RTU master, and one RS-485 Modbus RTU master to communicate with itself at the same time. In order to close and satisfy the users requirements, ICP DAS announces the new firmware and utility to the GW-7433D. The new firmware provides the disconnection detection of the CANopen/Modbus communication interfaces, the RTR Mode and Un-RTR Mode, and more data types for data exchange. The disconnection detection is helpful when the Modbus TCP client is lost or the CANopen slave malfunctions. The RTR and Un-RTR mode offer the flexibility for observing the data from the TxPDOs. The new utility gives the friendlier user interface and diagnostic tool which is useful to check the communication status between the GW-7433D and the CANopen slave devices while applying the GW-7433D in the CANopen network. By means of the diagnostic tool, users can easily set up their CANopen networks and quickly solve the CANopen communication problems between the GW-7433D and CANopen slaves. These upgrades let users use the GW-7433D more flexible and simple.
GW-7433D firmware version comparisonG
Items V1.xx V2.00 or later
CANopen Slaves Max. 10 Max. 10
Command Numbers 50 TxPDOs
50 RxPDOs
15 SDOs
PDOs + SDOs >= 120
Data Type Boolean, Word Boolean, Byte, Word, 4-byte
Data Format Little-endian Big-endian / Little-endian
Disconnection Detection No Yes
NMT error control Guarding Guarding / Heartbeat
Status Registers for CANopen slaves No Yes
Slave Reset Command No Yes
Configuration Import/Export No Yes
CANopen Diagnostic tool No Yes
  • Follows the CiA CANopen Standard CiA 301 v4.02.
  • Listen Mode for monitoring the data of the CANopen slaves without bothering the CANopen network.
  • RTR Mode and Un-RTR Mode for RTR TxPDOs, event-trigger TxPDOs or cyclic TxPDOs.
  • Modbus registers for checking the disconnection of the CANopen slaves by Node Guarding protocol, Heartbeat Consumer protocol, or cyclic TxPDO.
  • Offers more than 120 CANopen SDO/PDO commands.
  • Supports 4 data types: BooleanBByteBWordBDouble Word (4-byte)C
  • The continuance mode or command-trigger mode for the RxPDOs.
  • Provides the reset commands for the CANopen slaves.
  • The Modbus protocol on the RS-232, RS-485, Ethernet ports of the GW-7433D can works at the same timeC
  • Support 3072 DI channels, 3072 DO channels, 640 AI channels, and 640 AO channels.
  • The configuration for the boot-up delay of the GW-7433D.
  • Adjustable time interval between two sent CANopen messages.
  • The diagnostic tool of the utility for checking the communication status between the GW-7433D and the CANopen slaves.
  • Allow to export/import the configurations from/to the GW-7433D.
Application Story:
The Wind Farm application in the Inner Mongolia of China V The customer integrates the inverter and the PLC by using the GW-7433D and I-7520 to monitor and control the wind turbines.