FRnet Fast AI/AO Application for The ISaGRAF PAC

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New Application : The FRnet Fast AI/AO Application for The ISaGRAF PAC
ICP DAS release a new application: the ISaGRAF PAC application using the FRnet fast AI/AO new modules, FR-2024iT and FR-2017iT. ISaGRAF is the most powerful SoftLogic package on the industrial market that support IEC 61131-3 standard PLC programming languages. FRnet is an innovative industrial field bus that has many special features, such as High-speed/long-distant transmission reliability, wire-saving FRnet controlK etc. The new FRnet I/O modules (iT models) are built-in the isolation function. Selecting the ISaGRAF PACs with the FRnet fast I/O modules can achieve a more stable, faster automation control system, especially for the long-distance and multi-noise industrial field case.
Introduction for the FRnet Fast AI/AO Application
1. This application is about how to read/write the status of FRnet AI (FR-2024iT) / AO (FR-2017iT) modules with the ISaGRAF PAC via the FRnet master module (I-8172W).
2. The following ISaGRAF driver supports to operate the FRnet AI/AO modules:
WP-8xx7/8xx6 1.48
VP-25W7/23W7/25W6/23W6 1.40
XP-8xx7-CE6/XP-8xx6-CE6 1.28
The Features of the FRnet Fast I/O
1. High-speed transmission: max. 1 Mbps
2. Long-distant transmission: max. 400 m
3. Built-in the isolation function for the new I/O models
4. No extra programming required for hardware setup
5. Easy to install and debug
6. Easy maintenance and cost effective
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