Learn all about our WISE device! It offers a user-friendly and intuitive web site interface that allows users to implement IF-THEN-ELSE control logic on controllers just a few clicks away; no programming is required. With its powerful and easy-to-use features, it will minimize the learning curve, shorten time to market, and dramatically reduce the effort and cost spent on system development. The WISE-5801 supports an I/O expansion bus to implement various I/O functions such as D/I, D/O, A/D and D/A according to the XW-Board.
The WinPAC-8000 is our 2nd generation Windows embedded Programmable Automation Controller (PAC). It features a PXA270 CPU (520MHz) on a Win CE .NET 5.0 operating system, various communication ports, and serial-type I/O modules.
Ladder Logic is a widely used programming language based on circuit diagrams of relay logic hardware. It can be used to develop projects for ICP DAS USA's programmable automation controllers (PAC) and touchpad controller.
ViewPAC is a Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) which combines display, operation and control in one unit. ViewPAC provides two CPU types (PXA270,80186), 3 OS solutions (WinCE 5.0, Linux, MiniOS7) and several software development toolkits (C, VS .NET, ISaGRAF, InduSoft). This makes ViewPAC a good solution for factory automation, building automation, machine automation, manufacturing management, environment monitoring, etc.
The WinPAC-5000 series has many advantages, including hard real-time capability, small core size, fast boot speed, interrupt handling at a deeper level, achievable deterministic control and low cost. Using Windows CE.NET 5.0 gives it the ability to run PC-based control software such as Visual Basic.NET, Visual C#, Embedded Visual C++, SCADA software, SoftPLC …etc. It give users all of the best features of both traditional PLCs and Windows capable PCs.