The internet of things offers a lot of unique solutions for heavy industry. The outdoor, expansive nature of a solar production plant makes it uniquely suited to an IoT solution for live instrument monitoring and data collection.
Our team of engineers has developed various IoT and Industry 4.0 communication standard modules based on the MQTT, OPC, and UA protocols that can measure a wide variety of air factors, electricity information, vibrations, and temperatures to meet the demands of industrial applications. Our WISE-5231 is the latest Industrial IoT Edge Controller used to control and monitor various industrial applications!
ICP DAS USA’s Access Control systems are one of the most important infrastructures for a safe, secure society. ACS-10V-MF is an access control reader that supports RFID induction of access control. ACS-10V-MF integrates three functions: door access control, voice guidance and floor control all in one, suitable for use in community door access and elevator control. ACS-10V-MF supports Ethernet and RS-485 communication interface and provides anti-sabotage sensor and door position detection function which can consolidate the security of access control systems and effectively enhance the service quality of management.
ICP DAS USA offers Internet of Things (IoT) devices for easy connection and interaction. The industrial IoT controllers can help improve operational efficiency by decreasing downtime, enabling more connectivity, and engaging more human-machine collaboration. The ICP DAS IoT controllers support Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, SNMP, MQTT, FTP, SSL/TLS, CGI and DDNS protocols and various communication interface such as RS-485, RS-232, Ethernet, USB, etc.