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2-Port Isolated RS-422/485 Module / 4-Port Isolated RS-422/485 Module. Replacement unit for I-8142i.


2-Port Isolated RS-422/485 Module / 4-Port Isolated RS-422/485 Module. Replacement unit for I-8142i.

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The I-8142iW-G provides 2 isolated RS-422/485 serial ports, while the I-8144iW-G provides 4 isolated RS-422/485 serial ports. It is equipped with a 128-byte hardware FIFO for each port and offers speeds up to 115.2 kbps with support for RS-422 full-duplex communication.

In the harsh industrial environment, the onboard ESD protection devices can divert this potentially damaging charge away from sensitive circuitry and protect the I-8142iW/I-8144iW from permanent damage.

The serial communication modules are designed for use with intelligent devices like bar code readers, serial printers, intelligent sensors, instrumentation equipment, computers, and almost any device with an RS-422/485 port.

  • High-profile Module
  • Serial Port with +/-4 kV ESD Protection
  • Baud Rate of up to 115200 bps
  • Built-in Self-Tuner or Auto-Direction Control
  • Low power consumption
  • 2500 Vrms Isolation
  • Internal 128-byte Hardware FIFO for each Port
  • LED Indicators for TxD, RxD and Power Status
  • RoHS Compliant & no Halogen
  • Made from fire-retardant materials (UL94-V0 Level)


Factory, Building and Home Automation


  • Supports interrupt driven software library
  • Supports VxCOM library


Models I-8142iW I-8144iW
RS-422/485 Interface
Number of Ports 2 4
Interface Isolated RS-422/485 (The RS-422 and RS-485 can not be used simultaneously)
RS-422: TxD+, TxD-, RxD+, RxD-, GND
RS-485: D+, D-, GND
2-wire Cabling/4-wire Cabling Belden 9841 (2P twisted-pair cable)/Belden 9842 (4P twisted-pair cable), 
If different cables are used, the transmission distance may change
Transfer Distance Max. of 1,200 m at 9.6 kbps; Max. of 400 m at 115.2 kbps
4-wire Cabling Max. of 256 devices. in a single RS-485 network without using a repeater
Controller 16C950 Compatible
Speed: 115200 bps max.
Data Bit: 5, 6, 7, 8
Stop Bit: 1, 1.5, 2
Parity: None, Even, Odd, Mark, Space
FIFO: Internal 128 bytes for each port
Self-Tuner Asic inside Yes
Bus Parallel I/O Module
Connector DB-37 (Female)
Connector Removable 20-Pin Terminal Block
Intra-module Isolated, Field to Logic 2500 Vrms
ESD Protection +/-4 kV (Contact for each channel)


Models I-8142iW I-8144iW
LED Indicators
Power 1 LED
TxD 2 LEDs 4 LEDs
RxD 2 LEDs 4 LEDs
Power Consumption 1.5 W (Without Resistor) 1.75 W (Without Resistor)
2 W (With 2 Resistors, 1/4 Watt, 120 Ω 5%) 3 W (With 4 Resistors, 1/4 Watt, 120 Ω 5%)
Dimensions (W x L x H) 30 mm x 102 mm x 115 mm
Operating Temperature -25 °C ~ +75 °C
Storage Temperature -30 °C ~ +80 °C
Humidity 10 ~ 95% RH, non-condensing

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