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Seismic Alarm Recorder


Seismic Alarm Recorder

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SAR-713 is an advanced technology seismic alarm recorder provided by ICP DAS with a tri-axial MEMS accelerometer and acquires vibration signal by 100Hz sampling rate. It can be used to establish a complete earthquake warning system to prevent any further significant damages caused by. SAR-713 is not only a seismic switch inclusive of 2 digital outputs for emergency security measures of facilities or staffs but also an earthquake data recorder for research analysis. It can real time display maximum intensity according to CWB (Central Weather Bureau, Taiwan) or GB/T 17742-2008 (China) earthquake intensity standard, maximum vector, instant tri-axial acceleration, etc. In the meanwhile, it also supports NTP to keep clock on time and offers both MB/TCP and MB/RTU server for easily connection to host PC, PLC, HMI or SCADA.

Seismic Alarm Recorder
  • RoHS Design
  • Provide two digital outputs individually to protect crucial facilities
  • Support earthquake data file record function
  • Support NTP (Network Time Protocol) for time calibration to keep SAR-713 clock on time
  • Support NTP backup server to promote time calibration reliability
  • Support Host IP filter function to promote network access safety
  • Adopt STA/LTA algorithm and dynamic zero offset to detect earthquake
  • Support DHCP function
  • Equips 5-digit 7 segment LED display to show module and earthquake information
  • Support MB/TCP and MB/RTU server function
  • Support MB/TCP client to connect to host MB/TCP server automatically
  • Support maximum ten MB/TCP client number simultaneously
  • Support firmware update via COM or Ethernet
  • Provide utility tool for real-time 3-axis acceleration trend and module setting conveniently
  • Watchdog inside

Utility Features

Seismic Alarm Recorder App
  • Display real-time 3-axis acceleration trend
  • Display earthquake information including Intensity, Max Acceleration, Alarm Time etc.
  • Provide module all information table and parameter setting
  • Provide to access module earthquake data file
  • Support firmware update via COM port


Seismic Recorder

Accelerometer Range

2 g (X, Y Axes), + 1 g/-3 g (Z Axis)

Freq. Response (Hz)

0 ~ 40

Earthquake Algorithm


Max. MB/TCP Host Number


Digital Output Numbers


File Record


NTP Server Backup


Network Host IP Filter


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