Power Relay Module, 2 Form C relays per channel


Power Relay Module, 2 Form C relays per channel

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RM200 ApplicationRM series relay modules can be mounted on different DIN rail, such as TS-15, TS-32 or TS-35. Every channel of RM-104, RM-108, and RM-116 contains 1 Form C relay while every channel of RM-204, RM-208, and RM216 contains 2 Form C relays. The reverse polarity protection is provided to prevent improper operation. Every channel also has an LED to indicate its status. RM series modules include 4-channel relays, 8-channel relays and 16-channel relays versions for different applications.

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    RM-204, RM-208, and RM-216
    Rate current for each relay: 8 A
    Two NC and two NO contacts for each channel
    Max. Peak current: 14 A
    Standard contact material: AgCdO
    Input Voltage: DC 24 V
    The coil current is 22 mA.
    Can be used to sink type of digitial output module only.
    Rated voltage for each relay: 250 VAC
    RM-208: 169 mm x 87 mm x 63 mm (L x W x H)

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