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4/8-channel Counter/Frequency/Encoder Module


4/8-channel Counter/Frequency/Encoder Module

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I-87084W-G is a 32 bits hardware high speed Counter/Frequency/Encoder Input Module with "Up Counter”、"Frequency"、 "Up/Down Counter"、 "Dir/Pulse Counter" and "A/B Phase Counter" mode.

I-87084W-G can has variety mode combination for all 8 channels. That means it can use some channels as “Up Counter” and others as "Frequency" or "A/B Phase".

  • Support 8 Up Counter.
  • Support 8 Frequency.
  • Support 4 Up/Down.
  • Support 4 Dir/Pulse Counter.
  • Support 4 A/B Phase Counter.
  • Support 1~32767 (us) digital filter.
  • Support isolated and non-isolated input signals.
  • Equip with Power and Input signal LED indicators.


Counter measurement, Frequency measurement and Encoder motion control.


Digital Input
Model Counter & Frequency 4-ch Up/Down Counter (CW/CCW)
4-ch Dir/Pulse Counter (Bi-direction)
4-ch A/B Phase (Quadrant Counting)
8-ch Up Counter
8-ch Frequency
Digital Noise Filter 1 ~ 32767 μs
Isolated Input Level On Voltage Level +3.5 VDC ~ +30 VDC
Off Voltage Level +1 VDC Max.
TTL Input Level On Voltage Level +2 VDC ~ +5 VDC
Off Voltage Level 0 VDC ~ +0.8 VDC
Input Frequency TTL Mode:
1 Hz ~ (typically) 500 kHz (both counter mode and frequency mode)
(where 500 kHz is calculated as followings: supposed that duty cycle = 50%, refer to Minimum Pulse Duration of High Level, we have pulse period = 1 μs x 2 = 2 μs, which is 500 kHz as a maximum)
Isolated Mode:
3.5~ 10V: 1Hz ~ (typically) 200kHz
10V ~ 30V: 1Hz ~ (typically) 150kHz
Maximum Frequency :
refer to Minimum Pulse Duration of High Level, maximum frequency is highly affected by duty cycle
Frequency Accuracy = ± 0.4 %
Isolated Voltage 2000 VDC
ESD Protection 4 kV (Contact for each channel)
Dual Watchdog Yes, Module(1.6 sec) and Communication(Programable)
LED Display
1 LED as Power Indicator
8 LEDs as Digital Input Indicators
Power Consumption 0.6 W
Operating Temperature -25 ~ 75 °C
Storage Temperature -30 ~ 75 °C
Humidity 5 ~ 95% RH, non-condensing
30mm x 102mm x 115mm((W x L x H)

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