8-channel Digital lnput with lnterrupt Module


8-channel Digital lnput with lnterrupt Module

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The I-8048 module is an 8-channel digital input module designed for interrupt applications. The key features of the I-8048 are as follows:

1. Digital input channels: 8
2. Digital input type: isolated(differential) or TTL
3. Digital input level:
isolated input:
Logic level 0: 0~1V
Logic level 1: 4~30V
TTL input:
Logic level 0: 0~0.8V
Logic level 1: 2~5V
4. Isolated voltage: 2000VDC
5. Built-in isolated power supply: 5V, 200mA max.
6. Interrupt specifics
Max. interrupt frequency:
CPU 40M: 15.8 KHz max.
CPU 80M: 35 KHz max.

Trigger type: Rising/falling edge programmable for each channel.


Digital Input
Input Channels 8 (Sink/ source)
Input Type Dry + Wet Contact
On Voltage Level Isolated: 4V ~30V
Non-Isolated TTL: 0V~ 0.8V
Off Voltage Level Isolated: 0 ~1V
Non-Isolated TTL: 2V ~ 5V
Input Impedance 2.4KOhm, 0.5W
Built-in isolated power supply 5V@200mA
Intra-module Isolation, Field to Logic 1500Vrms
4KV ESD Protection contact for each channel
LED Display
1 LED as Power Indicator
8 LEDs as Digital Input Indicators
Power Consumption 0.35A@5V = 1.75W ,+/- 5% For Hardware Rev 1.1
Operating Temperature -25 to 75 °C
Storage Temperature -30 to 85 °C
Humidity 5 to 95%, Non-condensing
30mm x 102mm x 115mm (W x L x H) Detail

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