Hydrologic Data Acquisition

Hydrologic Data Acquisition

Our G-4500 Mini Programmable Automation controller is widely used in geography information systems, especially in hydrologic data acquisition. Our ICP DAS G-4500 series PACs play perfect roles everywhere.

With G-4500 PACs installed, hydrologic data gathering stations are established along the river. The hydrologic data, such as temperature or flow rate, are captured by the sensors in the water.

After the G-4500s receive the data from the sensors, it sends the data to the central control PC via GPRS. The GPS feature shows the position of all the captured data. The data will be shown in control center. Irregular data will include warnings in order to reduce loss caused by disasters. Our G-4500 series is the best choice for Geographical Information Systems.

Mini PAC with GPRS Click here to see G-4500 Mini PAC with GPRS selection options