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GPS Receiver and 1 DO, 1 PPS Output Module communicable over RS-232 and RS-485. Supports operating temperatures from -25°C ~ +75°C


GPS Receiver and 1 DO, 1 PPS Output Module communicable over RS-232 and RS-485. Supports operating temperatures from -25°C ~ +75°C

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The GPS-721, a new GPS solution for Remote GPS Receiver module in ICP DAS, featuring high sensitivity, low power consumption and ultra small form factor with DCON and GPS protocols. This powerful item provides you with superior sensitivity and outstanding performance even in the harshest environment.The GPS-721 provides extra 1 channel DO and 1 channel PPS for users PPS signals can be used for precise timekeeping and time measurement. One can combine the PPS functionality with another as time synchronization source.

Therefore, the GPS-721 can be a powerful GPS remote module as well as a general purpose GPS module with RS232 interface. It can also be applied in Automotive navigation, Personal positioning and navigation, Marine navigation, Satellite time correction and etc…

  • Support 66-channel GPS and NMEM v0183 v3.01
  • RS-485 supports DCON protocol
  • RS-232 supports NEMA v0183 v3.01 format or DCON protocol
  • Built-in 1 channel DO, 1 channel PPS(1 pulse per second), 1 RS-485 port, 1 RS-232 port
  • PPS: 100 ms pulse output/sec for precise timekeeping and time measurement
  • 10 ~ 30 VDC – (Power reverse polarity protection)
  • With various system LED indicators
  • DIN Rail design



  • Automotive navigation
  • Personal positioning and navigation
  • Marine navigation
  • Satellite time correction
  • Precise timekeeping and time measurement


Digital Output
Output Channel 1 (Sink)
Output Type Non-isolated Open Collector
Output Current 100 mA
Load Voltage +5 VDC~ +30 VDC
GPS Receiver
Chip MediaTek solution
Frequency L1 1575.42 MHz, C/A code
Support Channel 32
Support Channel  
Position Accuracy Autonomous (2D RMS)
SBAS 2.5m (depends on accuracy of correction data)
Max. Altitude <18,000 m
Max. Velocity <515 m/s
Acquisition Time Cold Start (Open Sky) = 33 s (typical)
Sensitivity Tracking Up to -165 dBm
Cold start Up to -148 dBm
Protocol Support NMEA 0183 version 3.01
GPS Output
1 PPS Pulse per second output (Default 100 ms pulse/sec)
RS-232 Interface GPS information output
LED Indicators
Power/Communication 1 LED
Protection Power reverse polarity protection
Frame Ground Protection Yes
Required Supply Voltage +10 VDC ~ +30 VDC (non-regulated)
Power Consumption 2.5 W
Dimensions (W x H x D) 72 mm x 117 mm x 35 mm
Weight 200 g
Housing Plastic
Operating Temperature -25 °C ~ +75 °C
Storage Temperature -40 °C ~ +80 °C
Humidity 5 ~ 95% RH, non-condensing

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Leandro Canedo

Hi, I write from Argentina. I need, prices for 165 products (GPS), in Buenos Aires. Thanks and I hope your answer. Begards

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