Vision Analysis

About EzCheck Vision Library

EzCheck Vision Library is an “Image processing and analysis library” provided by ICP DAS. It helps users to create their own machine vision system easily and fast. EzCheck Vision Library supports several image file types and provides many basic image processing functions, and some useful advanced functions, such as OCR (Optical character recognition), Image Calibration, Template Matching, Gauge, etc. Along with Utility and demo programs, users may realize how to develop systems with EzCheck Vision Library.

  • Provide utility software for users to test and verify – EzCheck Utility - Users can fully experience the capability of EzCheck Vision Library through the friendly utility software which is developed with EzCheck Vision Library.
  • USB Hardware Key protection and leveling package - To protect customer’s rights, USB hard key is applied to EzCheck Vision Library to classify the packages of the library and manage the license.
  • Provide sample programs for multiple development platforms - By referencing the open source sample programs, users can learn how to develop applications by EzCheck Vision Library in short time. Sample programs of Borland C++ Builder 6.0 and Visual C++ 6.0 are now available.
  • Support the image capture of cameras - Users can capture the images of cameras through EzCheck Vision Library. The integration of software and hardware will be very efficient.


Provides seven main components to help users develop their own machine vision system.

  • EzCheck Image (eCImage)
  • Image Processing Group (eCImg Group)
  • Template matching (eCTM)
  • Blob Analysis (eCBlob)
  • Optical Character Recognition (eCOCR)
  • Gauge and Measure (eGauge)
  • 3D Image Calibration (eCCalib3D)
  • EzCheck Utility