2-axis stepping / servo motor control module


2-axis stepping / servo motor control module

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I-8091W stepping motor control card is a micro-computer controlled, 2-axis pulse generation card. It includes a 2K bytes FIFO to receive motion command from host. A micro-computer for profile generation and protection, 2-axis DDA chip to execute DDA function when interpolation command is used, 2500Vrms optical isolation inserted for industrial application.


  • 2-axis independent, simultaneous stepper motor control / servo motor control ( pulse input type )
  • Maximum pulse rate : 1Mpps
  • Maximum step counts: 232 -1 steps
  • Embedded CPU
  • Command type interface
  • 2-axis linear,2-axis circular interpolation
  • Automatic trapezoidal acceleration / deceleration
  • Output pulse modes : CW/CCW or pulse/direction
  • Output polarity can be programmable
  • 3 optical isolated digital inputs per axis for limit switches
  • Programmable limit switch initial condition as normal open(N.O.) or normal close(N.C.)


  • X-Y Table
  • Fix-Pitch Stamping Machine
  • Transfer Machine
  • Spinner
  • Loader/Unloader


Motor control output
Output Axis 2-axis
Maximum pulse rate 1Mpps
Output pulse mode 1. CW/CCW
2. Pulse/Direction
Maximum step counts 232 -1 steps
Limit switches 3 optical isolated inputs per axis
Interpolation command 2-axis linear, 2-axis circular
Intra-module isolation, Field to Logic 2500 Vrms
4KV ESD Protection Contact for each channel
LED Display
1 LED as Power Indicator/7 LED as Status Indicator
Power Consumption 3.9 W Max
Operating Temperature -25 ~ 75°C
Storage Temperature -30 ~ 75°C
Humidity 5 to 95% RH, Non-condensing
30mm x 102mm x 115mm (W x L x H)