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I-8000 Examples

I-8000 Examples

I-8000 Examples

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A collection of code examples and sample code for the I-8000 controllers.


  • EKAN Modview & ISaGRAF demo program
  • Stepping Output
    • I-8417/8817/8437/8837 supports D/O Stepping output since its driver version of 2.37.
  • Motion Control   
    •  I-8417/8817/8437/8837 can integrate with one I-8091(2-axes) or two I-8091(4-axes) motion boards to do motion control. Wincon-8337/8737 can integrate with one I-8091(2-axes) or up to four I-8091(8-axes) motion boards to do motion control. Only two axes can be X-Y dependent; the other axes should be independent or all axes are independent.
  • VB6 Demo Program Talking To The i-8417 / 8817 / 8437 / 8837 Via Modem
    • The i-8417/8817/8437/8837 supports Modem_Link which PC can talk to it via modem through the phone line. Now VB6 demo program is available.
  • MMICON: ICP DAS's Man Machine Interface
    • The I-8417/8817/8437/8837 & I-7188EG/XG supports the ICP DAS's MMICON to become their Man Machine Interface. The MMICON is featured with a 240 x 64 dot LCD and a 4 x 4 Keyboard. Can be used to display pictures, strings, integers, floats, input characters, strings, integers and floats. All control logic is written in ISaGRAF programs.
  • Data Log
    • Data, date & time can be stored at S256/S512, and then PC can load these data
      via RS232/RS485, ethernet & Modem.
  • PWM : Pulse Width Modulation output
    • Parallel D/O boards can do PWM output. Up to 8 channels for one controller. 500 Hz max. for Off=1ms & On=1ms. Available output square curve: Off = 1 to 32767 ms, On = 1 to 32767 ms.
  • Parallel D/I counters
    • Parallel D/Iboard at slot 0 can accept counter input up to 500Hz with minimum pulse width > 1ms. Up to 8 channel for one controller. Counter value: 32 bit.
  • Redundant Bus7000 : Redundant communication of remote I/O
    • Two ISaGRAF controllers can link to remote I-7000 & I-87K I/O modules at the same time. Only one controller is active to control these remote I/Os. If one is dead, the other one will take over the control of remote I/Os.
  • Ethernet Communication Security
    • The I-8437/8837, 7188EG & W-8037/8337/8737 controllers support Modbus TCP/IP protocol in their ethernet port. For safety reason, user may add security in the Modbus TCP/IP protocol. When doing this, only PCs or devices with the permissive IP can connect in via Modbus TCP/IP.
  • SMS: Short Message Service
    • The I-8417/8817/8437/8837, I-7188EG, I-7188XG & Wincon-8037/8337/8737 controller can integrate with a GSM Modem to support SMS: Short Message Service. This allows user to request information or control something from his own cellular phone to the ISaGRAF controller. Beside, the controller can also send information and alarms to user's cellular phone .
  • Isagraf Presentation

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No documentation or manuals for this item.

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