Data logging Through Ethernet

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Date: 2017-04-28

Data logging Through Ethernet

Modbus TCP is a widely used industrial protocol that is communicable over Ethernet. This works out great for data logging applications in buildings with existing Ethernet networks or remote sites with an internet connection.

There are countless data logging software packages which run on PC’s and Ethernet connectable controller (PAC’s and PLC’s). These include Indusoft, Wonderware, LabVIEW, and our free EZ Datalogger*.

By adding Modbus TCP Data Acquisition modules like our ET-7000 series or Modbus TCP Rack based IO, to an existing Ethernet network, you can easily communicate and data log to any of these data logging software packages.

We offer many combinations of IO counts and types. Simply select the module which has the correct number and type of IO to match your sensors. If your IO count is larger, you can add as many modules to your network as necessary. This also makes it easy to expand the system to match your needs. They can even be installed at remote sites and pass data through the Internet using Modbus TCP.

The ET-7000 modules are configurable using a web browser and are simple to deploy. Most of the time setup consists of giving the module an IP address on your network and choosing the IO type to match your sensor.

We offer free technical support and will be happy to help you chose the appropriate models to suit your application.

Note: * - The free EZ Datalogger version requires at least 1 ICP DAS Data Acquisition module to be connected and it limited to 64 IO tags.

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ICP DAS USA is a provider of Industrial Data Communication, Automation Control and Test and Measurement products.  We specialize in PLC hardware, Ethernet controllers, distributed I/O modules, Industrial Ethernet Switches and protocol converters.  We provide programming services, training classes and free technical support.

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