InduSoft based WinPAC-8000 with 8 I/O slots, Windows CE.NET 5.0

WP-8839 - InduSoft based WinPAC-8000 with 8 I/O slots, Windows CE.NET 5.0

InduSoft based WinPAC-8000 with 8 I/O slots, Windows CE.NET 5.0


This product is phased out and replaced by WP-8849

WP-8839 applicationWinPAC-8xx9 Series (WP-8139/8439/8839, WP-8149/8449/8849) is the second generation Windows CE based InduSoft PAC of ICP DAS. It equips PXA270 CPU (520MHz) running a Windows CE .NET 5.0 operating system, variant connectivities (VGA, USB, Ethernet, RS-232/485) and 1/4/8 slots for high performance parallel I/O modules (high profile I-8K series) and serial-type I/O modules (high profile I-87K I/O modules).

Its operating system,Windows CE 5.0, has many advantages, including hard real-time capability, small core size, fast boot speed, interrupt handling at a deeper level, achievable deterministic control and low cost. Using Windows CE 5.0 in the WinPAC-8000 gives it the ability to run PC-based Control software such as Visual Basic.NET, Visual C#, Embedded Visual C++, SCADA software, Soft PLC …etc.

Software Features

InduSoft Web Studio General Features

IWS applications run on microcomputers connected in real-time to machines or processors through WinPAC programmable controllers, remote I/O devices, and other data acquisition equipment. These applications consist of animated operator-interface screens, rollable I/O devices, an application tags database, and optional modules such as alarm monitors, trend charts, recipes, schedulers, and a security system.

VW sensor

InduSoft Integrated with WinPAC-8000

  • Easy steps to accomplish your system.
  • Communication drivers are provided by ICP DAS.
  • Monitor and control system from both sites (WinPAC) and control room (PC)


Communication Protocol

  • DCON Protocol for ICP DAS embedded controllers or I/O modules is provided.
  • Supports more than 200 Communication drivers such as Siemens, Omron and so forth.
  • InduSoft supports Modbus / OPC / DDE / TCP/IP / SNMP Client and Server.

CAN / CANopen Devices and Sensors

Access Database Easily

  • Supports third-party SQL relational databases such as SQL Server, MS Access, Excel, Oracle ...etc.
  • Database connectivety from any platform supported by IWS or CEView, through the unique Studio Database Gateway.
  • Supports Secondary Database in the modes "Redundancy" or "Store and Forward" to increase the reliability of the system and avoid loss of data.

Send Email with One Attached File

Web Thin Clients

  • Use a regular WEB Browser (Internet Explorer) to host the application.
  • Requests online and history data from the Server where InduSoft Web Studio is running, becoming a CLIENT for the data.
  • Provide Multi-level security for applications, including the Internet and Intranet.

Modbus RTU/TCP Slave

Useful Package Tool is Provided

ICP DAS has released a package tool for InduSoft. The package tool is integrated with several ActiveX objects and communication tools, including "GSM_ActiveX", "SHM_ActiveX", "COM_ActiveX" and "COM Port Communication Tool"...etc.

  • By using ActiveX objects provided by ICP DAS in InduSoft, user can easily develop multi-function application.
  • Reduce the number of used drivers.
  • To integrate with GSM/GPRS external modem easily.

Modbus RTU/ASCII Master

  • Provide an easy way to exchange data between InduSoft and other Programs.

Modbus RTU/ASCII Master

Hardware Features

  1. Built-in VGA Port
  2. I/O Module Hot Swap Ability (Will be available)
    (For High Profile I-87K Modules Only)
  3. Rich I/O Expansion Ability (RS-232/485, Ethernet, FRnet, CAN)
  4. Built-In Flash Disk (31 MB for WP-8x4x, 63 MB for WP-8x3x)
  5. Dual Watchdog Timer
  6. Dual Battery-Backup SRAM (512KB)
  7. Dual Ethernet Ports
  8. Redundant Power Input
  9. Ventilated Housing Design Allows Operation Between -25℃ ~ +75℃


System Software
OS Windows CE 5.0
.Net Compact Framework 2.0
Embedded Service FTP server, Web server (supports VB script, JAVA script), Embedded SQL server
SDK Provided Dll for eVC, Dll for Visual Studio.Net 2003/2005/2008
Development Software
InduSoft Software InduSoft Web Studio v6.1 Service Pack 6
Non-InduSoft Options: Microsoft EVC++4.0 or VS.NET 2003/2005/2008 (VB.NET 2003/2005/2008, C#.NET 2003/2005/2008)
Web Security
Web HMI Support Web HMI function, PC running Internet Explorer can access to the WP-8x49 via Local Ethernet or Internet or dial Modem, monitoring and control.
Security Web HMI supports three levels user name and password protection
CPU Module
CPU PXA270 or compatible (32-bit and 520 MHz)
Dual Battery Backup SRAM 512 Kbytes (for 5 years data retain)
Flash WP-8x39: 128 MB (64, 63, 1)
WP-8x49: 96 MB (64 MB for OS image, 31 MB for built-in Flash disk, 1 MB for registry)
EEPROM 16 Kbytes
Data Retention: 40 years; 1,000,000 erase/write cycles

WP-8x39: with one 2 GB microSD card (can support 16 GB microSD card)

WP-8x49: with one 1 GB microSD card (can support 16 GB microSD card)
RTC (real time clock) Year-2000 compliance; seconds, minutes, hours, date of the month; month, year, valid up from 1980 to 2079
64-bit Hardware Serial Number Yes
Dual Watchdog Timer Yes
Programmable LED Indicator 1
Rotary Switch Yes (0 ~ 9)
DIP Switch Yes (8 bits)
VGA & Communication Ports
VGA WP-8x39: resolution: 1024 x 768, 800 x 600, 640 x 480; with one extra GPU.
WP-8x49: resolution: 800 x 600, 640 x 480; without extra GPU.
Ethernet RJ-45 x 2, 10/100 Base-TX 
(Auto-negotiating, LED indicators)
USB 1.1 (host) WP-8x39: 2 ports
WP-8x49: 1 port
COM 0 Internal communication with I-87K modules in slots
COM 1 RS-232 (to update firmware) (RXD, TXD and GND); Non-isolation
COM 2 RS-485 D2+, D2-; self-tuner ASIC inside
Isolation 3000 VDC
COM 3 RS-232/RS-485 (RXD, TXD, CTS, RTS and GND for
RS-232, Data+ and Data- for RS-485); Non-isolation
COM 4 RS-232 (RXD, TXD, CTS, RTS, DSR, DTR, CD, RI and GND); Non-isolation
I/O Expansion Slots
Slot Number 8 slots
(For High Profile I-87K Modules Only)
Hot Plug * Will be available I/O Module Hot Swap Ability (For High Profile I-87K Modules Only)
Dimensions (W x L x H) 355 mm x 132 mm x 111 mm
Installation DIN-Rail or Wall Mounting
Operating Temperature -25 °C ~ +75 °C
Storage Temperature -30 °C ~ +85 °C
Ambient Relative Humidity 5% ~ 90% RH, non-condensing
Input Range +10 VDC ~ +30 VDC
Isolation 1 kV
Redundant Power Inputs Yes, with one power relay (1 A @ 24 VDC) for alarm
Capacity 1.2A, 5V supply to CPU and backplane, 4.8A, 5V supply to I/O expansion slots, total 30 W
Consumption 9.6 W (0.4 A @ 24 VDC)

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