Windows CE.NET 5.0 Based ISaGRAF PAC with 4 I/O slots, 2 Ethernet Ports, 2 RS-232 Ports, 2 USB Ports, and 1 RS-485 Port.  Programmable in Ladder Logic, Structured Text, C++, C#, VB.NET and more.


Windows CE.NET 5.0 Based ISaGRAF PAC with 4 I/O slots, 2 Ethernet Ports, 2 RS-232 Ports, 2 USB Ports, and 1 RS-485 Port. Programmable in Ladder Logic, Structured Text, C++, C#, VB.NET and more.


This product is phased out and replaced by WP-8447

WinPAC-8xx7 Series (WP-8137/8437/8837/8147/8447/8847) is the new generation WinCE 5.0 based ISaGRAF PAC (Programmable Automation Controller) of ICP DAS. WP-8xx7 is equipped with a PXA270 CPU (520 MHz) running Windows CE 5.0 Operating System, various connectivity including 10/100 Base-TX Dual Ethernet Ports, 2 or 4 RS-232/485 ports, 1 VGA, 1 or 2 USB ports, and 1/4/8 slots for high performance Parallel-type I/O modules (High Profile I-8K series) and Serial-type I/O modules (Hot-Swap High Profile I-87K series), etc. Memories come with 128 MB SRAM, 512 KB dual battery backup SRAM, 96 or 128 MB FLASH and 1 GB microSD. For redundant supporting: Dual Watchdog Timers, redundant power inputs, dual battery backup SRAM, dual Ethernet Ports. WinPAC Series will upgrade your control system!

Software Features

  • Windows CE.NET 5.0
  • Hard Real-Time Capability
  • Fast Boot Speed
  • ISaGRAF Ver.3 SoftLogic Inside
  • Support IEC 61131-3 Standard
  • Support Web HMI function
  • Accepts max. 1 MB ISaGRAF code size

Hardware Features

  • PXA270 CPU (32-bit & 520 MHz)
  • 128 MB SDRAM & 128 MB Flash (for WP-8x37)
  • 4 I/O Slots
  • Dual 10/100M Ethernet Ports
  • 2/4 Serial Ports (RS-232/485)
  • VGA: Max. 1024*768 (for WP-8x37)
  • USB: 2 (for WP-8x37)
  • 64-bit Hardware Serial Number for Software Protection


System Software
OS Windows CE 5.0
.NET Compact Framework 2.0
Embedded Service FTP Server, Web Server
Multilanguage Support English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese 
(OS version: WP-8x3x v1.2.0.1 or later version; WP-8x4x v1.5.0.2 or later version)
Development Software
ISaGRAF Software ISaGRAF Version 3 : IEC 61131-3 standard. Languages: LD, ST, FBD, SFC, IL & FC
It supports Soft-GRAF HMI in the XP-8xx7-CE6, WP-8xx7 and VP-2xW7 PAC.
Max. Code Size Accepts max. 1 MB ISaGRAF code size (Appli.x8m must < 1 MB)
Non-ISaGRAF Options: Microsoft EVC++4.0 or VS .NET 2003/2005/2008 (VB .NET 2003/2005/2008, C# .NET 2003/2005/2008)
Web Service
Web HMI Support Web HMI function, PC running Internet Explorer can access to the WP-8xx7 via Local Ethernet, Internet or dial Modem to monitoring and control.
Security Web HMI supports three levels user name and password protection
Power Supply
Input Range +10 ~ +30 VDC
Isolated 1 kV
Redundant Power Inputs Yes, with one power relay (1 A @ 24 VDC) for alarm
Protection 1.1 A, 5 V supply to CPU and backplane; 4.9 A, 5 V supply to I/O expansion slots, total 30 W
Power Consumption
WP-84x7: 9.1 W 
(0.38 A @ 24 VDC);
General Environment
Temperature Operating: -25 ~ +75 °C,
Storage : -30 ~ +80 °C
Humidity 10 ~ 90 % RH (non-condensing )
CPU PXA270 (32-bit, 520 MHz) or compatible
Dual Watchdog Timers Yes
RTC (Real Time Clock) Provide second, minute, hour, date, day of week, month, year
Dual Battery Backup SRAM 512 KB (for 5 years data retention while power off)
FLASH WP-8x37: 128 MB (64 MB for OS image, 63 MB for built-in Flash disk, 1 MB for registry)
WP-8x47: 96 MB (64 MB for OS image, 31 MB for built-in Flash disk, 1 MB for registry)
microSD microSD socket with one 2 GB microSD card (support up to 16 GB microSDHC card)
EEPROM 16 KB, Data retention: 40 years. 1,000,000 erase/write cycles
Rotary Switch Yes (0~9)
DIP Switch Yes (8 bits)
NET ID 1 ~ 255, User-assigned by software
Hardware Serial Number Yes,64-bit hardware unique serial number
VGA & Communication Interface
VGA Port WP-8x37 resolution: 1024 x 768, 800 x 600, 640 x 480; with extra GPU
WP-8x47 resolution: 800 x 600, 640 x 480; without extra GPU
USB Port USB 1.1 (Host) for USB-mouse, keyboard or USB drive
WP-8x37 : 2 USB ports;  WP-8x47 : 1 USB port
COM0 Internal communication with the I-87K High Profile modules in slots
COM1 RS-232 (RxD, TxD, and GND); Non-Isolated; Speed: 115200 bps max.
COM2 RS-485 D2+, D2- ; self-tuner ASIC inside; Speed: 115200 bps max.
Isolated 2500 VDC
COM3 RS-232/RS-485 (RxD, TxD, CTS, RTS and GND for RS-232, 
DATA+ and DATA- for RS-485); 
Non-Isolated; Speed: 115200 bps max.
COM4 RS-232 (RxD, TxD, CTS, RTS, DSR, DTR, CD, RI and GND); 
Non-Isolated; Speed: 115200 bps max.
Ethernet RJ-45 x 2, 10/100 Base-TX (Auto-negotiating, LED indicators)
Please use NS-205/NS-208 Industrial Ethernet Switch.
I/O Expansion Slots
Slot Number 4 slots (slot 0 ~ 3)
* Accept High Profile I-8K Parallel & High Profile I-87K Serial I/O boards
Hot Swap * For High Profile I-87K modules only
Dimensions (W x L x H) 231 mm x 132 mm x 111 mm
Installation DIN-Rail or Wall Mounting
Motion Control WP-8xx7 integrate with one I-8091W (2-axis) or two I-8091W (4-axis) can do motion control
PWM Output
High Speed PWM Module I-7088, I-8088W, I-87088W: 
8-ch. PWM outputs, software support 1 Hz ~ 100 KHz (non-continuous), duty: 0.1 ~ 99.9%
DO Module as PWM 8-ch. max. 250 Hz max. For Off=2 & On=2 ms . Output square wave: Off: 2 ~ 32766 ms, On: 2 ~ 32766 ms.
Optional DO Boards: I-8037W, 8041W, 8041AW, 8042W, 8050W, 8054W, 8055W, 8056W, 8057W, 8060W, 8063W, 8064W, 8068W, 8069W. (Relay Output boards cannot generate fast square wave)
Counter, Encoder, Frequency
Parallel DI Counter 8-ch. max. For 1 controller. Counter val: 32-bit. 250 Hz max. Min. ON & OFF width must > 2 ms. 
Optional DI boards: I-8040W, 8040PW, 8042W, 8046W, 8048W, 8050W, 8051W, 8052W, 8053W, 8053PW, 8054W, 8055W, 8058W, 8063W.
Serial DI Counter Counter input: 100 Hz max. Counter value: 0 ~ 65535 (16-bit)
Optional serial I-87K DI boards: I-87040W, 87046W, 87051W, 87052W, 87053W, 87053W-A5, 87054W, 87055W, 87058W, 87059W, 87063W.
Remote DI Counter All remote I-7000 & I-87K DI modules support counters. 100 Hz max. value: 0 ~ 65535
High Speed Counter I-87082W: 100 kHz max. 32 bit; 
I-8084W : 250 kHz max. 32 bit
Encoder I-8093W: 3-axis Encoder Module, max. 1M Hz for quadrant input mode, max. 4M Hz for 
              pulse/direction and cw/ccw input mode.
I-8084W: 250 kHz max., 4-ch encoder, can be pulse/direction, or Up/Down or A/B phase
              (Quad. mode); Not support Encoder Z-index.
Frequency I-87082W: 2-ch, 1 Hz ~ 100 kHz; 
I-8084W : 8-ch, 1 Hz ~ 250 kHz;
Modbus RTU/ASCII Master
Up to 10 COM Ports (COM1 ~ 4 and COM5 ~ COM14 if multi-serial port boards are plugged in Slot 0 ~ 3)can support multi-ports of Modbus RTU/ASCII Master protocol to connect to other Modbus Slave devices. (WP-8147 has no COM3 & COM4.)
Modbus TCP/IP Master
Link to max. 100 devices that support Standard Modbus TCP/IP Slave protocol
Modbus RTU Slave 
Up to 5 COM Ports (COM1, one of COM2/3, COM4 and COM5 ~ COM8) can support Modbus RTU Slave protocol for connecting ISaGRAF, PC/HMI/OPC Server & HMI panels. (WP-8147 has no COM3 & COM4.)
Modbus TCP/IP Slave 
2 Ethernet Ports all support Modbus TCP/IP Slave protocol for connecting ISaGRAF & PC/HMI. LAN1 & LAN2 support total up to 32 connections. (If WP-8xx7 uses 1 connection to connect each PC/HMI, it can connect up to 32 PC/HMI; If WP-8xx7 uses 2 connections to connect each PC/HMI, it can connect up to 16 PC/HMI; ...) When one Ethernet port is broken, the other one can still connect to PC/HMI.
Web HMI Protocol Ethernet port for connecting PC running Internet Explorer.
I-7000 & I-87K RS-485 
Remote I/O
One of COM2, COM3 supports I-7000 I/O modulesI-87K base + I-87K Serial I/O boards and 
RU-87P1/2/4/8 + I-87K High Profile I/O boards as Remote I/O. Max. 255 pcs. of I-7000/87K Remote I/O modules for one controller. (WP-8147 has no COM3 & COM4.)
M-7000 Series Modbus I/O Max. 10 RS-485 ports (COM1 ~ 4 & COM5 ~ COM14 if multi-serial port boards are plugged in) can support M-7000 series Modbus I/O. Each port can connect up to 32 M-7000 Modules.
Modbus TCP/IP I/O LAN2 supports ICP DAS Ethernet I/O : I-8KE4-MTCP and I-8KE8-MTCP listed at > FAQ > Software > ISaGRAF Ver.3 (English) FAQ-042. If LAN2 is broken, it will switch to LAN1 automatically to continuously work. (This need LAN1 & LAN2's IP are set in the same IP domain)
FRnet I/O Support max 8 pcs. I-8172W boards in slot 0 to 7 to connect to FRnet I/O modules, like FR-2053, FR-2057 FR-32R, FR-32P, at > FAQ > Software > ISaGRAF Ver.3 (English) FAQ-048. Each I-8172W board can connect up to 256 DI plus 256 DO channels.
Send Email Supports mail_snd and mail_set functions to send email with one attached file via Ethernet port.
Ebus To exchange data between ICP DAS's ISaGRAF Ethernet PACs via Ethernet port. (LAN2 Port only)
Short Message Service
One of COM4 (or COM5 if multi-serial port board is plugged in) can link to a GSM Modem to support SMS. User can request data/control the controller by cellular phone. The controller can also send data & alarms to user's cellular phone. Optional GSM Modems: GTM-201-RS232 (850/900/1800/1900 GSM/GPRS External Modem)
User-defined Protocol User can write his own protocol applied at COM1 ~ COM4 & COM5 ~ COM14 (if multi-serial port boards are plugged in) by Serial communication function blocks.
MMICON/LCD COM4 or COM5 (if I-8112W/8114W is found) supports ICP DAS's MMICON. The MMICON is featured with a 240 x 64 dot LCD & a 4 x 4 Keyboard to display picture, string, integer, float, & input a char, string, integer & float.
UDP Server & UDP Client
(Exchange Message &
LAN1 or LAN2 support UDP Server and UDP/IP Client protocol to send/receive message to/from PC/HMI or other devices. For example, to automatically report data to InduSoft's RXTX driver.
TCP Client 
(Exchange Message & 
LAN1 or LAN2 support TCP Client protocol to send/receive message to/from PC/HMI or other devices which support TCP Server protocol. For example, to automatically report data to InduSoft's RXTX driver, or to connect a local camera.
SQL Client Supports SQL Client functions to write data to (or read data from) Microsoft SQL Servers (2000 SP3, 2005, 2008)
Hot-Swap and 
Redundant System
This redundant system has setup two "Active IP" address point to the active WP-8xx7's LAN1 and LAN2 ports always. One or two or more PC/HMI/SCADA can communicate with this redundant system via one of the two given active IP. So the PC/HMI/SCADA can access to the system easily without any notice about which WP-8xx7 is currently active. Moreover, the new redundant system can integrate with the RU-87P4 and RU-87P8 expansion unit plus the I-87K high-profile I/O cards to support the hot-swap application. If the I/O card is damaged, the maintenance person just takes one good-card with same model number to hot-swap the damaged one without stopping this redundant system. Please refer > FAQ > Software > ISaGRAF Ver.3 (English) FAQ-093.
CAN/CANopen WP-8xx7 can use its COM1,3,4 or COM5 ~ COM14 resides at the I-8112iW/8114W/8114iW RS-232 expansion board to connect one I-7530 : the RS-232 to CAN converter to support CAN and CANopen devices and sensors. One WP-8xx7 supports max.10 RS-232 ports to connect max.10 
I-7530. Please refer to > FAQ > Software > ISaGRAF Ver.3 (English) FAQ-086.
HART Solutions Support I-87H17W modules in slot 0 to 7 to communicate with other HART devices.

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