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ViewPAC Download Center - ViewPAC FAQs


ViewPAC Download Center - ViewPAC FAQs

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ViewPAC Download Center

(For WinCE based ViewPAC)

When you download this software, please take note if the program conforms to your machine. The published date and indicated requirement of a program can help the user to determine the compatibility for your ViewPAC. Before you download any program, please read the notes first to avoid confusion.

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1. General I/O Expansion  Serial number
1.3. Printer installation
        1.3.1. How to set up a printer on LAN?  PDF
        1.3.2. How to set up a USB printer?  PDF
1.5. Touch screen calibration
        1.5.7. How to calibrate a viewpac touch panel?  PDF
1.6. Linking RS-485 serial modules
        1.6.2. How to link serial devices through RS-485 on VP-2000?  PDF
1.7. How to set up a communication module(I-8112, I-8114, I-8142, I-8144)?  PDF
1.8. How to set up I-7560?  PDF

2. System Maintenance  Serial number
2.1. How to use VCEP to remotely control WinCE PAC?  PDF
2.2. How to use ActiveSync through the serial port?  PDF
2.3. How to set the startup programs?  PDF
2.4. How to edit registry?  PDF
2.5. How to find the system information?  PDF
2.6. How to recover the default factory settings?  PDF
2.7. How to add a shortcut to the desktop and start menu?  PDF
2.10. How to change the input panel size?  PDF
2.11. How to enter characters without a keyboard?  PDF
2.12. How to automatically hide the taskbar?  PDF
2.13. How to set the taskbar always on top?  PDF

4. Update Software  Serial number
4.5. How to clear device name onEshell?  PDF


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No documentation or manuals for this item.

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