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Advanced Ethernet ISaGRAF Programmable Automation Controller, programmable in Ladder Logic and other IEC-61131 standard languages with 80 Mhz CPU, MiniOS7 Operating System. Replacement unit for uPAC-5207.


Advanced Ethernet ISaGRAF Programmable Automation Controller, programmable in Ladder Logic and other IEC-61131 standard languages with 80 Mhz CPU, MiniOS7 Operating System. Replacement unit for uPAC-5207.

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uPAC-7186EG/D is a Advanced Ethernet ISaGRAF μPAC. It can send emails with an attachment to up to 10 recipients at a time. It has a data acquisition auto reporting system. ISaGRAF PACs can use UDP IP Client to auto-report acquisition data & control data to local or remote internet PC/Server. uPAC-7186 controllers have RS-485, RS-232, Ethernet, and modbus RTU/TCP communication ports. It supports multi-client connections and can be expanded with expansion and remote I/O. It can do data exchange via Fbus or Ebus. Data, date & time can be stored on X607 / X608, and then PC's can load the data with an RS-232 or RS-485 connection.


Power supply
Power requirements 10 to 30VDC (unregulated) , μPAC-7186EG:2W, μPAC-7186D:3W
Protection Built-in power protection & network protection circuit
General environment
temperature Operating: -25°C to +75°C ( -13° F to +167° F) ,
Storage : -30°C to +85°C ( -40° F to +176° F)
Humidity 5 to 95% (non-condensed)
CPU 80186 80MHz, or compatible
Watchdog timer Yes, default 0.8 second
Real time clock Gives hour, minute, sec, date of week, date of month, month & year (1980 to 2079)
SRAM 640K bytes
FLASH Memory 512K bytes, Erase unit is 64K bytes, 100,000 erase/write cycles
NVSRAM 31 bytes, battery backup, data valid up to 10 years
EEPROM 16K bytes(16384 bytes), retention > 100 years. 1,000,000 erase/write cycles
Display for i-7188EGD Five 7-Seg. Led on the front. lt can display message & value.
Expansion I/O bus One optional Xxxx series I/O board can be plugged inside the μPAC-7186EG / EGD.
NET ID Set by software, 1 to 255
Serial ports
COM1 RS232 TXD, RXD, GND Speed: 115200 bps max. Program downloads port.
COM2 RS485: D+, D-, 115200 bps max. Self-tuner ASIC inside, Program downloads port.
Ethernet 10/100M bps, NE2000 compatible, 10/100 BaseT, Program download port.
Development software
ISaGRAF Version 3 IEC61131-3 standard. Languages: LD, ST, FBD, SFC, IL & FC
Max. code size μPAC-7186EG/EGD accepts max.64K byte ISaGRAF code size (Appli.x8m must < 64K)
PWM output
Pulse Width Modulation output All Xxxx series D/O boards support PWM output. 8 channels max. for one controller.
500Hz max. for Off=1 & On=1 ms
Output square curve: Off: 1 to 32767 ms, On: 1 to 32767 ms
Parallel D/I counter All Xxxx series D/I boards support D/I counter.
8 ch. max. for one controller. Counter value: 32 bit
500Hz max. Min. pulse width > 1ms
Remote D/I counter All remote i-7000 & i-87K D/I modules support counters. 100Hz max. value: 0 to 65535
Remote High speed counter Optional i-87082:100kHz max. ,32 bit
Modbus serial protocol Up to 2 COM ports (COM1 and COM3-in-X-board) can support Modbus RTU slave protocol for connecting ISaGRAF, PC/HMI/OPC Server & MMI panels.
Modbus master protocol Up to 2 COM ports (COM1 , COM2 and COM3-in-X-board) support Modbus RTU/ASCII master protocol to connect to other Modbus slave I/O devices
Modbus TCP/IP protocol Ethernet port supports Modbus TCP/IP slave protocol for connecting ISaGRAF & PC/HMI.
Remote I/O One of COM2 (or COM3:RS485 if found) supports i-7000 I/O modules & (i-87K base or RU87P4/8 + i-87K serial I/O boards) as remote I/O. Max. 64 I/O module for one controller
Fbus Built in COM2 port to exchange data between ICP DAS's ISaGRAF controllers.
Send Email Send email to maximum 10 receivers each time via internet. If applying with an X607/608 X-board, it could send email with one attached file and the maximum file size is about 488K bytes for using X608 or about 112K bytes for using X607.
Ebus To exchange data between ICP DAS’s ISaGRAF Ethernet controllers via Ethernet port.
SMS: Short Message Service One of (COM1 or COM3:RS232 or COM4:RS232 if found) can link to a GSM modem to support SMS. User can request data/control the controller by cellular phone. The controller can also send data & alarms to user's cellular phone. Optional GSM modems: M1206 or GM29 (GSM 900/1800)
User defined protocol User can write his own protocol applied at COM1, COM2 & (COM3 to COM8 if found) by serial communication function blocks.
Modem Link Supports PC remotely download & monitor the controller through COM4 of X504.
MMICON / LCD One of (COM3:RS232 if found) supports ICP DAS's MMICON. The MMICON is featured with a 240 x 64 dot LCD and a 4 x 4 Keyboard. User can use it to display picture, string, integer, float, and input a character, string, integer and float.
Redundancy Solution One is Master, one is slave. Master handles all inputs & outputs at run time. If Master is damaged (or Power off), Slave takes the control of Bus7000b. If Master is alive from damaged (or power up again), it takes the control of Bus7000b again. The change over time is about 5 seconds. Control data is exchanging via Ebus (if using a cross cable, no need any Ethernet switch). All I/O should be RS-485 I/O except the status I/O in the slot 0: X-107.
CAN / CANopen μPAC-7186EG can use it’s COM1 or COM3 to COM8 (resides at the X-5xx RS-232 expansion board) to connect one i-7530 : the RS-232 to CAN converter to support CAN and CANopen devices and sensors. One 贡PAC-7186EG supports max.3 RS-232 port to connect max.3 i-7530. Please refer to > FAQ > Software > ISaGRAF Ver.3 (English) > 086

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