Training Videos - Touch Screen PLC, Modbus DAQ and SCADA Tutorial

This video shows how to set up an Ethernet based Modbus TCP communicable Data Acquisition Module, a Touch Screen PLC and PC based KingView SCADA software. It shows you step by step how to set up the hardware and how to configure the software. This example shows ET-7026 Analog and Digital I/o module connected to an NS-205PSE-24 Power over Ethernet switch which is powered by a GPSU06U-6 24 VDC power supply. The TPD-283 Touch Screen PLC is connected to the NS-205PSE-24 which provides it with power and data. The PC running KingView is connected to the PoE Ethernet switch so they are all on the same network. This video shows you how to set the IP address in the ET-7026 and the TPD-283. It shows you how to configure the inputs and outputs on the ET-7026 and how to make screens in the TPD-283. You will see how the Touch Screen PLC, the Modbus DAQ module and the SCADA system can all communicate.

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