Serial Communication Remote Unit with High-speed 4-axis Motion Control Module


Serial Communication Remote Unit with High-speed 4-axis Motion Control Module

  Price:  $1,499.00  


The RS-M8194H is a new product from ICP DAS that can be used to implement remote control functionality via the serial communication and includes an I-8094H module (a 4-axis stepping/pulse-type servo motor control module with an embedded CPU) and a serial communication interface. The intelligent RS-M8194H can provide users with the ability to develop a wide range of remote motion control applications, and can be integrated in any system where the host platform is built on the Modbus RTU protocol (for example: PC, PAC or PLC). ICP DAS also provides the EzMove Utility and an API Library that can be used to configure the RS-M8194H and to rapidly develop customized control applications.

  • Remote control via Modbus RTU
  • Can be controlled using SCADA, PAC or PLC, etc.
  • Can be integrated into a multi-station, multi-axis applications
  • 4-axis motion control capability
  • 2/3-axis linear interpolation function
  • 2-axis circular interpolation function
  • Programmable automatic homing function
  • EzMove Utility for configuration and macro programming
  • Test motion functions via EzMove without compilation
  • API Library for rapid development of applications
  • Easy wiring for multi-station applications
  • Can be set as a remote or stand-alone motion controller
  • Supports high-speed FRnet I/O: 128 DO and 128 DI


Interpolation Functions

Linear Interpolation (Interpolation Speed: 4 Mpps)

32-bit max. for any single command

Circular Interpolation (Interpolation Speed: 4 Mpps)

32-bit max. for any single command

Continuous Interpolation (Interpolation Speed: 2 Mpps)


Drive Speed Curve

Maximum Drive Speed

4 Mpps

Driving Types

Constant Speed Driving

Trapezoidal Acc/Dec Driving

Asymmetrical Trapezoidal Driving

S-curve Acc/Dec Driving

Asymmetrical S-curve Driving

Position Control

Logic Position Counter/Bit Length for output pulse


Real Position Counter/Bit Length for output pulse


Position Compare Register Number/Axis


Other Features

Software Limit

Position Counter Variable Ring

Auto-Home Search

Individual Configuration

(4-step) for each axis, including irregular operation handling

Synchronous Action

10 activation factors (provocatives or events) and 14 actions

External Signal for Driving

Fixed/Continuous Pulse Output

Manual Pulse

Other Functions

Drive Speed/Output Pulse Number Change during Driving

Triangle Form Prevention of Speed Curve

Servo Motor Signal

Servo Ready and Alarm Input Signals/Axis

Servo Enable Output/Axis

Other Input Signals

IN0 (Near Home), IN1 (Home), IN2 (Z-phase), IN3/Axis

Emergency Signal

Input Signal Integral Type Filter

Filter Time Constant: 2 ~ 16 ms, 8 stages


Operating Temperature

-20 ~ +75°C

Storage Temperature

-30 ~ +85°C

Operating Humidity

10 ~ 85% RH, non-condensing

Storage Humidity

5 ~ 90% RH, non-condensing

FRnet Interface

Max. 128 DI and 128 DO channels

Hardware auto-scan I/O every 0.72 ms

2-wire Serial Bus to reduce wiring needs

Max. communication distance: 100 M

A wide range of FRnet I/O terminal boards and modules are available

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