2 Pole, 20A Step Relay for Direct 35mm Rail (EN 50022) Mounting


2 Pole, 20A Step Relay for Direct 35mm Rail (EN 50022) Mounting

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2 Pole, 20A Step Relay for Direct 35mm Rail (EN 50022) Mounting

  • Double phase switch 2 NO (DPST-NO)
  • 35 mm rail (EN 50022) mount
  • 17.4mm wide
  • Test button


Contact Specification
Contact Configuration 2 NO (DPST-NO)
Rated Current / Maximum peak Current 20/30 A
Rated Voltage/Maximum Switching Voltage 250/400 V
Rated load in AC1 5000 VA
Rated load in AC15 (230V AC) 1000 VA
Single phase motor rating (230 V AC) -
Breaking capacity DC1:30/110/220 V 10/0.3/0.12 mW(V / mA)
Minimum switching load 1000(10/10)
Standard contact material AgSn02
Incandescent Nominal Rate Lamps (230V) 1000 W
Compensated Fluorescent Nominal Rate Lamps(230V) 360 W
Coil Specification
Nominal voltage (UN) 24 VDC
Rated DC power DC 1.25
Operating range 21.6-26.4 VDC
DC Version Data
Nominal Voltage 24
Coil Code 9.024
Operating Range 21.6 - 26.4
Resistance 460
Consumption I at UN 52.2
Technical Data
Mechanical life  
Electrical life at rated load in AC1  
Operate/release time 15/8 ms
Maximum impulse duration continuous
Insulation between coil and contacts (1.2/50 μs) kV 4
Ambient temperature range -40 ~ 40C
Protection category IP20
Insulation & Dielectric Strength
Between Supply and Contacts 3500 VAC
Between Open Contacts 2000 VAC
Between Adjacent Contacts 2000 VAC
Other Data
Bounce Time: NO / NC 5 / 10 ms
Power loss to environment without contact current 1.2 W
Power loss to environment with rated current 5.2
Screw Torque .08
Max Wire Size Contact Terminals
Solid Cable Stranded Cable
1 x 6 / 2 x 6 1 x 6 / x 2 4
1 x 10 / 2 x 10 1 x 102 x 12
If the coil is operated for a prolonged period of time, adaquate ventilation of the relays must be provided - suggested gap of 9 mm between adjacent relays.


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No documentation or manuals for this item.

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