Remote Monitoring I/O

Remote Monitoring

Take your remote monitoring to the next level with ICP DAS USA line of remote monitoring device. With the ongoing emergence, innovation, and improvement of mobile and celluar-networking technology, ICP DAS USA, Inc. continues to provide great quality remote monitoring products. A wide-range of remote I/O modules and monitoring software such as SCADA software can be used for a more advanced remote monitoring application that mainly to support multiple users, generate reports, usages and animated graphs. SCADA software offers web-publishing capabilities, used for remote access through a web browser. Different users of SCADA software can have different permissions and can also have access to different areas of the system. SCADA software can generate customized reports. EZ Data Logger is a free and easy-to-use PC based Data Logging, Data Acquisition, Control and Monitoring Software for small remote I/O Systems.

Remote monitoring technology allows for collecting data, sending SMS Text Message alarms based on conditions, and controlling devices like pumps or valves out in distant areas that are inconvenient to visit. This technology can be used for tank monitoring, bridge monitoring, vehicle tracking, machine to machine applications, and Security and Surveillance Systems. Such sample application of remote monitoring technology can be applied to greenhouse temperature sensing and data acquisition. I/O module can be installed at a remote greenhouse where temperatures can be taken. Once the temperature exceeds 75 degrees, the WISE-5800 User-defined I/O & Data Logger Module will send an email to the users letting them know.

Here are a few products and devices to check out:

G-4500-2G / G-4500-3GWA are both M2m (Machine to Machine) wireless cellular modules with built-in mini programmable controllers. They are widely applied in various applications like hydrographic monitoring, intelligent power, flow meter report system and GPS car-tracking system.

GRP-520 is a 3G gateway for Ethernet and serial port device that is communicable over RS-232, RS-485, GSM and GPRS communication. This device is most reliable in harsh environments.

Embedded Controller with a Cellular Transceiver: M2M Mini Programmable Automation Controllers make monitoring, immediate message sharing, and quick responding possible. They are intelligent, efficient machines that effectively lower labor costs. G-4500 is a compact programmable automation controller with an antenna and built-in GPRS/GSM






WISE-5800 + I-7018: User-defined I/O & Data Logger Module Communicable over Modbus TCP. Supports 1 XW I/O expansion board inside and works up to 16 RS-485 based I-7000 modules or Modbus RTU devices. Works with MiniOS7 Operating System.

I-7018 is a cost-effective solution for a wide range of valuable industrial control signals and systems. The DCON utility can help you to configure and test I-7018 modules.