The OPC Specification is based on the OLE, COM, and DCOM technologies developed by Microsoft for the Microsoft Windows operating system family. It is a standard and common interface of Windows O.S. to achieve the automation and control agreements, which provides the bridge between the hardware manufacturers and software developers. By using the NAPOPC.CAN DA server, the software engineers would develop their control systems by the familiar SCADA toolkit and any other software which supports OPC client functionality. The NAPOPC.CAN DA server supports almost all CAN series products. Users could apply a variety of CAN products of ICP DAS in the OPC server for their application.

VxCAN Technique

“VxCAN” driver is the developed by the ICP DAS. By using the “VxCAN” driver, the users can easily integrate different interfaces of CAN devices like RS-232/CAN converter、Ethernet/CAN、USB/CAN converter, and PCI series CAN board. The “VxCAN” driver will receive the CAN message and send the CAN message on your demand. The users need not develop the socket or serial COM functions before using Ethernet/CAN or RS-232/CAN converters. The “VxCAN” driver has already done. The “VxCAN” driver can reduce the complexity of the application code. For example, if the users have no idea to develop the socket program, they still can use the Ethernet/CAN converter to complete a stable control system by using the “VxCAN” driver. The users can spend most of the time on their application but not on the CAN converter.

When “VxCAN” starting, it will detect all CAN devices in the users’ PC and assign a “VxCAN port” number. The users can image the “VxCAN port” as the COM port. The only difference is that the “VxCAN port” is a CAN port mapped to the CAN devices. If the users do not change the CAN devices in their PC, the “VxCAN port” number would not change. There is an example below.


CAN OPC Server vs VxCAN Ports

CAN OPC Server  
NAPOPC.CAN DA server would show all VxCAN port information which retrieved from the VxCAN driver. The user can select the correct CAN device from the drop-down list and set the CAN parameter. After pressing the “OK” button, the CAN device will active.

Supports CAN Products

PISO-CAN Series:

2 channel CAN bus PCI interface card
2 channel CAN bus PCI-104/PCI-104+ interface card
4 channel CAN bus PCI interface card
PCI-104 compatible form factor and provide 2 CAN channels with D-Sub 9-pin connector
PCI-104 compatible form factor and provide 2 CAN channels with D-Sub 9-pin connector

CAN converter series:

RS-232/CAN bus converter
Intelligent RS-232/485/422 to CAN bus Converter
RS-232/CAN bus converter
Ethernet to CAN/RS-232/RS-485 bus Converter
USB to 1 channel CAN bus converter
USB to 1 channel CAN bus converter
USB to 1 channel CAN bus converter


1. Smart parking lot with CAN bus

CanOPC Parking Lot

The advanced CAN bus becomes the mainstream of the smart parking lot. The stability and real-time of the communication are guaranteed by using the industrial CAN bus. It would greatly reduce the cost of the maintenance and expanding the parking system. Because of these, the smart parking lot system could be used in the shopping mall、skyscraper、hospital、Hotel, and etc. It could easily solve the problem of the multiple exits and entrances. The CAN bus parking lot is a high efficient and stable management system.

2. Electrical Vehicle charge station

Charge Station

Recently, there is a great advancement in the electrical vehicle. The electrical vehicle becomes the mainstream in the future gradually. Driving the electrical vehicle on the road, there must enough charging stations. In these charging stations, it becomes the spotlight on the information exchanges between the vehicle and the charging equipment. The electrical vehicle would equip CAN bus for communication. Therefore, the charging equipment with CAN port is the fundamental requirement. This charging equipment could easily retrieve the battery or other useful information in the vehicle. Because of the safety on CAN bus, the charging information including time or money is more reliable.

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