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Universal PCI Bus, 3-axis Stepper Motor / Servo Control Card


Universal PCI Bus, 3-axis Stepper Motor / Servo Control Card

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PISO-PS300The PISO-PS300(U) is a 3-axis Pulse command type, Servo motor control board. The embedded CPU of PISO-PS300(U) performs the motion command transferred from host-PC via a 2 KB FIFO. It also sends the position and status to host-PC via another 2 KB FIFO. This buffer provides time buffer and it is very suitable for windows operating system. This board provides DOS, Windows 98, Windows NT and Window XP drivers.


  • 3-axis pulse output stepping/servo PCI control card.
  • Universal PCI bus for PISO-PS300U (the PISO-PS300 only support 5V PCI bus)
  • Maximum output pulse rate: 1MHz.
  • Simulation mode / real mode.
  • Encoder/pulse read back.
  • Programmable output mode: CW/CCW, Pulse/Direction
  • 3-axis linear interpolation, 2-axis circular interpolation.
  • Programmable trapezoidal speed profile.
  • Programmable DDA period.
  • Programmable direction configuration.
  • Programmable 2 speed home return, home preset, home direction.
  • Home, forward, backward limit switches per axis.
  • Hardware emergency stop, software emergency stop.
  • Limit switch auto-protection.
  • Programmable limit switch normal state: N.O. (normal open) or N.C. (normal close).
  • 8 digital inputs, 7 digital outputs.
  • 2500V optical isolation.
  • Embedded CPU, totally 45 command set.
  • DOS, windows 95/98, windows NT DLL driver.
  • BCB, VB, Delphi driver.


Hardware Features

  • PCI Bus
    PISO-PS300: 5 V PCI
    PISO-PS300U: Universal PCI
  • 3-axis Pulse-command Servo Motor Board
  • Embedded CPU
  • Max. Pulse Rate : 1 MHz
  • 3-Axis Linear Interpolation, Circular Interpolation
  • Programmable Trapezidal Speed Profile
  • Programmable DDA Cycle
  • Hardware Emergency Stop
  • DOS, Windows 95, Windows NT Driver
  • 8 Digital Input, 7 Digital Output
  • Dimensions: 208 mm X 121 mm

Software Features

  • Toolkit for DOS
  • Toolkit for Windows 95/98
  • Toolkit for Windows NT
  • Toolkit for Windows 2000/XP
  • Toolkit for LabVIEW95/98
  • Toolkit for LabVIEW NT/XP
  • Toolkit for LabVIEW 2000/XP
  • Driver for LINUX

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