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3-Axis High Speed Stepping / Servo Control Board


3-Axis High Speed Stepping / Servo Control Board

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The PISO-PS300U has officially been phased out and will no longer be available. It has now been replaced by PISO-PS300U

The PISO-PS300 is a 3-axis Pulse command type, servo motor control board. The embedded CPU of PISO-PS300 performs the motion command transferred from a host-PC via a 2K bytes FIFO. It also sends the position and status to the host-PC via another 2K bytes FIFO. This buffer provides a time buffer and it is very suitable for windows operating systems. DOS, windows 95 and windows NT drivers are provided.



  • 3-axis Pulse-command servo motor board
  • Embedded CPU
  • Max. Pulse rate : 1 MHz
  • 3 Axis linear interpolation, Circular interpolation
  • Programmable trapezidal speed profile
  • Programmable DDA cycle
  • Hardware emergency stop
  • DOS, Windows 95, Windows NT driver
  • 8 digital input, 7 digital output
  • Dimensions : 208mm x 121mm
  • Software:
    • Toolkit for DOS
    • Toolkit for Windows 95/98
    • Toolkit for Windows NT
    • Toolkit for Windows 2000/XP
    • Toolkit for LabVIEW95/98
    • Toolkit for LabVIEWNTP
    • Toolkit for LabVIEW2000/XP
    • Driver for LINUX

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