Programmable Device Servers

Programmable Device Servers (PDS)
-- Multiport Serial to Ethernet Gateways --

Connect every of your serial devices into Ethernet. PLCs, bar code readers, RFID readers, meters, motion controllers and many of other serial devices have been widely-used for years in every corner of the world. To make the most use of recorded data and to achieve remote control conveniently, we integrate those serial devices with modern networks, and the key to do these counts on the PDS. All PDS series feature programmable ability that makes even your various ideas into reality! Let's check it out!



Programmable Ability
The PDS offers XServer (Lib included) which allows users developing own value-added firmware easily.

For examples, Devices do talk to devices, but with the kinds and numbers of devices increase, and non-programmable device server comes to its limit for failing to let a variety of languages being understood by each other.

Viola! With programming how protocols converting to protocols by users, then the PDS plays as a real-time translator to assist communication going smoothly and well.

Another fun of PDS is that, by programming and delicate design, users can take advantage of PDS to integrate devices and DI/DO channels for complex applications that a non-programmable device server never achieves.

Only with the programmable ability that makes your projects competitive and outdoing others.

Virtual COM (Driver + Utility)

There are two ways to access serial devices through the PDS on PC's side. One is by TCP/IP, and the other is by Virtual COM developed by ICP DAS. With the Virtual COM, we make perfect integration of PDS's com ports with the PC. 

By VxComm driver, you can easily turn PDS's com ports into PC's, and this just save your time for reprogramming PC's original software and let you have easy access through the Internet to your PDS.

By VxComm utility, you can scan the PDS, configure the PDS, and do massive extended COM mapping in seconds. And a built-in communication test function is offered by VxComm utility.


Support Dynamic Virtual COM Mapping

When your software system only can access limited COM ports, or is not available to do lots revising job in order to get more COM ports, the “Dynamic Virtual COM Mapping” function maps extended COM ports to different PDSs arbitrarily. And only a simple API call can make it.

Various Selections

The whole PDS-700 series includes from 2 COM ports to 8 COM ports, and some of the models are even equipped with up to 6 DI & 7 DO at the same time. There are more than 10 models for your selection. See the example from PDS-743.

Virtual I/O

"Virtual I/O" is the extension of "Virtual COM" technology. Virtual I/O does exactly what Virtual COM does, and the only difference at this time is that Virtual I/O turns PDS’s digital I/Os into PC’s COM ports. And since now, you are able to access PDS's digital I/Os by DCON protocol. Besides, DCON utility now also supports configuring PDS’s digital I/Os by Virtual COM so that you can do some basic function tests or applications to PDS’s digital I/Os in a convenient way.



What are the benefits of using the PDS for your serial devices, instead of using the PC.
PC Solution PDS-700/PDS-8x1 Solution
aHuge size
aRoutine maintenance
      (Unstable hard disk & fragile fan)
aUnstable OS Slow boot-up (Minutes)
aHigh power consumption
      (hundreds Watt)
aVirus issues
aLess COM ports (1~2 ports)
      Only support RS-232
aEnvironment temperature : 0 ~ +50 Deg.C
aPalm size & Easy DIN-Rail mount
aEliminating maintenance(No hard disk & fan-less)
aStable and high-performance OS (MiniOS7) Fast boot-
       up (Less than one second)
aLow power consumption (About 3 Watt)
aEliminating virus issue
aPlenty of COM ports, 2~8 ports
      (Support RS-232/422/485)
aEnvironment temperature: -25 ~ +75 Deg.C
aBuilt-in DI/DO
aBuilt-in watchdogs
PDS-700 has more features as followings:
  • Built-in 7-Segment LED display for D version showing network and COM port settings.
  • Removable terminal block for industrial wiring easily.
  • RoHS Compliance and CE Certification.
  • Low Power Input (10 ~ 30 VDC) according to industrial environment.
  • Frame-Ground design for ESD protection.
  • Fire Retardant Materials (UL94-V0 Level) and Robust Case.
  • Various Configurations: Console, Web, Telnet and Utility.
  • VxComm Driver for Windows NT 4.0, 2000/XP/2003 and Vista32.