Online Demo

ICP DAS USA would like you to view our online demonstrations! See our controller in action. uPAC-7186EX-FD-X305B has a web based reporting & monitoring system and is capable of remote data monitoring and data acquisition. This Embedded Controller has a built in web server for remote access, analog and digital I/O points built for data collection, 64 MB memory built in for local data logging, Ethernet port, RS 232 port and RS 485 port built in for flexible communication. Best viewed with Internet Explorer.
  • Demo 1: Click here to see the uPAC-7186EX-FD-X305B Data Acquisition Controller demo. It provides an example of real time data monitoring. You can see the water tank level displayed in your web browser in real time. The graph displays historical data. User Login and password options can easily be added.

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uPAC-7186EX-FD-X305B: Data Acquisition Controller with 64 MB NAND Memory, 7 AI, 1 DO, and 1 DI, $599