ISaGRAF PAC Release New Application:
ISaGRAF PAC support FTP Client to upload log files to remote FTP Server
¡´ Features
1. Support FTP Client to upload the PAC file to a remote FTP Server.
2. Much easier way for users to send log files to a remote PC.
3. Easy to program the related function with ISaGRAF Workbench.
4. Support MiniOS7 based PAC : iP-8xx7, VP-2117, £gPAC-5xx7
5. Support WinCE based PAC : VP-25W7/23W7, XP-8xx7-CE6, WP-8x37/8x47, WP-5xx7
¡´ Introduction
ICP DAS¡¦s ISaGRAF PAC support FTP Client features, FTP_Send (), to upload the log file to a remote FTP Server via Ethernet. Compared with the previous ¡§UDloader.exe¡¨ program, it provides a simple way to transfer files. The user just needs to provide the remote FTP Server IP address, Port number, user name, password, storage path (Server) and file path (PAC) for uploading files to the Server. Users can send files to the same Server or multiple Servers, it can send one file at a time; if you want to send multiple files, please send each file separately. In ISaGRAF FAQ-151, it provides two demo programs to illustrate how to implement this feature.
The following ISaGRAF driver support FTP Client features:
ISaGRAF PAC ISaGRAF Driver Version
WP-8xx7/8xx6 1.4.1 or later version
WP-5xx7 (Available soon) since the first released version
VP-25W7/23W7/25W6/23W6 1.3.3 or later version
XP-8xx7-CE6/XP-8xx6-CE6 1.2.1 or later version
MiniOS7 PAC:
iP-8x47 1.1.2 or later version
VP-2117 1.3.3 or later version
£gPAC-5xx7 (Available soon) since the first released version



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