microSD Library for MiniOS7 Based PACs

microSD Library for MiniOS7 Based PACs

microSD Library for MiniOS7 Based PACs



The microSD memory expansion features a data logging ability on the MiniOS7 based PACs. The microSD library can operate files on the microSD card that was previously formatted as the standard FAT file system. That means the program on the MiniOS7 based PACs can create a file and log data to the file. When the logging is completed, the user can take out the microSD card and then copy/open files in it to/on the PC.

FAT File System The FAT file system is an old but very common file system. It can store a max. of 65517 files. Users can create files and then write/append data to it on the MiniOS7 base PACs. Then copy the file to a PC for post analysis when the data is complete logged.

C Language API Following functions are similar to the functions that turbo C and Borland C provide. This helps users short the learning of using the microSD library. pc_open, pc_close, pc_read, pc_write, pc_seek, pc_tell, pc_eof, pc_get_errno, pc_format, pc_del, pc_mkdir, pc_rmdir, … etc.


  • Log data with timestamp
  • Log data and forward to a FTP server via the Ethernet


Item Description
microSD Capacities Supported 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB microSD card
File system FAT32 file system only. You can format the microSD card as FAT format on PC or call pc_format to perform the formatting on the MiniOS7 based PACs.
Disk number 1
File number 65,517 files max.
File size 2GB max. for each file
File name 12 bytes max. (8-3 format)
File operation modes 1. Read
2. Write: creates a new file to write data, or overwrite to a file (if the file is already exit).
3. Append: appends data to a file.
File handle 6 max.
Read/Write performance Hardware: uPAC-5001
Condition 1: 32767 bytes x 10 loops
pc_read = 125.3 KB/Sec
pc_write = 95.3 KB/Sec
Condition 2: 500 bytes x 100 loops
pc_read = 47 KB/Sec
pc_write = 12 KB/Sec
Max. length of read/write data 32767 bytes

Hardware Supported

The MiniOS7 based PACs which are equipped a SD or microSD socket, including.

microSD_04PAC-5000 series microSD_02iP-8000 series microSD_03G-4500 series

Other hardware resource occupied: None. The microSD library doesn’t occupy any other hardware resource, such as EEPROM, NVRAM, …, etc.

Ordering Information

Item Description Location on CD-ROM
Development Tools Turbo C 2.01
TurboC++ 1.01
Borland C++ 3.01
SDK Sd_Vxxx.Lib & microSD.h CD:NapdosuPAC-5000DemoBasicmicroSDLib
API document The usage of the APIs Refer the comments in microSD.h
Demo programs C source code CD:NapdosuPAC-5000DemoBasicmicroSD