ICP DAS USA Newsletter December 2008
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John Gong
Chicken Coops Traceability System with Zigbee Communication

food tracability
Chickens in coops randomly step on scales while walking around. An RFID tag has been put on their feet. The chickens weight and RFID tag information is logged. The information is sent wirelessly to a computer using zigbee technology. The control center is located on the other side of the chicken coop and is equipped with zigbee converters for data acquisition. Programmable device servers are used to gather data from a bunch of zigbee converters. The latest profile of chickens can be pulled up on computers. The effective distance of the zigbee network is 200 meters. Whenever an obstacle is presented, data can pass it with the zigbee network. Up to 65,535 nodes are allowed into a zigbee network. Zigbee converters are suitable for wireless transmission and industrial control. 

Click Here to see the application video.
ZB-2053: $219
8 Channel Isolated Digital Input Module

Has 16-bit Counters that can be controlled remotely by a set of commands. The DIO modules support TTL signals, photo-isolated digital input, relay contact output, solid-state relay output, PhotoMOS output and open-collector output.
ZB-2570: $629
Ethernet / RS-485 / RS-232 to ZigBee Converter (Host)

The transmission frequency range is between 2.405GHz and 2.480GHz.  The range is separated by 5MHz, provided 16 Channels
for user.
ZB-2060: $249
6-channel Isolated Digital Input and 4-channel Relay Output Module

Wireless transmission goes up to 200 meters. Our Zigbee products are have a din rail mount.  Network topology supports star, mesh and cluster tree.
ZB-2571: $629
Ethernet / RS-485 / RS-232 to ZigBee Converter (Slave)

Allows better wireless data transmission and communication by wireless way transmission, which provides A better solution for wiring difficult environments.
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Q:  How difficult is it to set up a Zigbee Network?
A:  The ZigBee converters have three communication interfaces to use.  They are:  RS-232, RS-485 and Ethernet.  When you want to configure the ZigBee converter, you need to adjust the switch to the ZBSET, and then make its powered on.  When you want to work the ZigBee converter, you need to adjust the switch to the RUN, and then make its powered on.
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