KingView Water Quality Demo

KingView Water Quality Demo

Here is a demo for water quality monitoring system that can monitor the pollution information and water quality. The processing includes data acquisition from onsite, and sends the commands to pumps and valves and other devices by clicking buttons or other graphics. (Turn on and turn off the valves and pump).

Next screen of the system is dirt processing flow. The dirt from puddle is conveying to the mix round tank, which the addictive will be added into. And the mixture will be conveyed to zymlysis pool, after cooling, it will be transferred to griddle machine. Drying machine is used for drying the mixture, and then conveys it to the fertilizer machine. At last, the fertilizer will be packaged and transported to the warehouse. The real-time data of each device are displayed as below. Operators can also turn on or turn off the mix round, cooling motor and so on.

Alarm information will be displayed in one certain screen.

Historical data can be queried by giving date and time, and filled into formatted report, together with some calculating, such as max value, min value, and average value. The report can also be saved, printed out.

This is the trend curve chart to show the historical data trend as curves.

Saved report can be loaded through this screen, there are 3 reports in the drop-list, and choose one to load into the formatted table.

Operators can logon the system as administrator, and have the authority to create new users or user group, and change the profiles of the existing users.

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