KingSCADA SCADA Software

KingSCADA software is designed by WellinTech through input from a huge number of customers and according to the trends of this Automation field development, it is a well-designed and new era of SCADA software. It broke the shackles of traditional concepts, creatively proposed the concept of the Model, which is an innovational change that makes a tremendous improvement from the traditional project-based development to a new systematic, modular development.


KingSCADA is middle and high-end market-oriented product. It possesses many remarkable characteristics including completed functions, integrated management, modular development, high stability and ease of use, among others. KingSCADA also provides abundant graphical development tools, stunning graphics which create a facilitated developing environment. These will assist you to display the data through the consummate graphics. With the modular architecture, breaking through the constraints of region and station scale, and more flexible deployment, KingSCADA will highly enhance developer’s efficiency and make the system maintenance much easier for the operators, this will reduce the cost and ensure the system will run safer and more stable overall. In addition, this product can make up an open data platform, integrate any control system, Remote Terminal System (RTU), database, historical database and other system together, it can provide a powerful guarantee to complete the construction enterprise information system.

Key Benefits

  • Development skills are easily to master and friendly interface will shorten developers’ learning cycle.

  • The use of model development can reduce the workload and shorten development cycle time and cost, enhance the productivities.

  • Complete the fault monitoring quickly and reduce the cost in the debugging process.

  • High scalability guarantees synchronous update to keep identical with the new technology and products.

  • High reliability and easy maintenance can save the cost of maintenance dramatically.

  • The widespread 3rd-party interfaces integrate whole SCADA system into Enterprise Information Management System, e.g. MES、ERP etc., become the bridge of communication with other different fields.

Key Capabilities

  • Dynamic graphic, vividly show real production scene

  • Model reuse, work out the project with high efficiency

  • Intelligent diagnosis, system malfunction can be shown on line

  • Data block acquisition, acquire data accurately at high speed

  • Perfect redundancy, ensure system safety

  • Flexible network architecture, deploy network as need

Software Requirement

32 bits Windows operating system: (English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese editions)

Windows Xp sp3

Windows Vista Professional edition and Ultimate edition

Windows 7 Professional edition and Ultimate edition

Hardware Requirement

Minimum configuration:

CPU: Pentium IV

CPU speed: 1GHz

CPU type: single core

CPU digits: 32 bits

Memory: 1G


Standard configuration:

CPU: Pentium IV

CPU speed: 2GHz

CPU type: double core

CPU digits: 32 bits

Memory: 2G

HDD: more than 20G

Note: If you use redundant configuration, the configuration of you computer should be higher than the configurations mentioned above.

Support multi-language systems:
English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Traditional Chinese editions

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