Kit for Water Tank Monitoring with KING automation software

KingView Water Tank Monitoring Kit

Kit for Water Tank Monitoring with KING automation software

  Price:  $1,030.50  


The KingView Water Tank Monitoring Kit is designed to quickly and easily help you implement your water tank monitoring system.  Each kit includes KingView PC based software, some data acquisition modules, a USB to RS-232/422/485 converter and a power supply.  The kit includes KV-DF-101, a KingView Development Full License with 64 tags.  You can use it for the development and runtime of your system.  It also includes I-7017 which has 8 analog current or voltage inputs for taking a measurement from a float sensor.  I-7018 is a thermocouple input module and it is provided for temperature measurement.  I-7044 is a digital I/O module which is used for valve control.  GPSU06U is a 24V/0.25A power supply which is used to power the data acquisition modules.  I-7561 is a USB to RS-232/422/485 converter which will allow your PC to communicate with I-7017, I-7018 and I-7044-- the RS-485 based data acquisition modules.

  1. Water Tank Monitoring:
    1. KV-DF-101: KingView Development Full, 64 Points, V6.53
    2. I-7017:  Analog Input Data Acquisition Module with 8 AI Channels, communicable over RS-485
    3. I-7018: 8 Channel Voltages & Current Thermocouple Input Data Acquisition Module with Input Types J, K, T, E, R, S, B, N, and C.
    4. I-7044: 4 Channel Isolated Digital Input and 8 Channel Isolated Digital Output Data Acquisition Module communicable over RS-485
    5. GPSU06U:  24V/0.25A (max) Power Supply

KING Tank Monitoring

Tank monitoring: On this screen, we can monitor the temperature of the tank and the water level, and also control the pumps and valves by clicking on the text. This will allow the user to turn the pumps and valves on and off remotely.

KING Trend Curves

Here the data is organized into a trend curve - the trend curve boasts the following features:

  1. The trend curve can be set to be real-time or historical mode;
  2. Zoom in/out the trend area (time axis);
  3. Zoom in/out the range of the Y axis;
  4. Print out trends;
  5. Reconfiguration;
  6. Show/hide curves;

KING Tank Alarm Information

Alarm Information: Here you can see the history of alarms that have occurred. This helps the user monitor things such as overheating and various alarm triggers and analyze the patterns to help maintain their HVAC system.

King AC Report

Report: This shows a real-time data report. Not only will it display the data, but you can query the historical data by time, what information you want displayed, and the time intervals where the data changes. Then you can save these reports as excel files for archival purposes or to share with others.

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I/O Specifications

Voltage & Current Input
Model Input Channels Digital I/O Sampling Rate Voltage & Current Input Common Voltage Over Voltage Protection Resolution Price
I-7017 8 - 10 Hz ± 150mV
± 500mV
± 1V
± 5V
± 10V
± 20mA
- ±35V 16-bit $269
I-7018 8 - 10 Hz ±15mV - ±10V
±20 mA***
- ±35V 16-bit $279


DC Input / Output
Model Digital Output Channels Load Voltage Max Load Current Digital IntputChannels ON Voltage Level OFF Voltage Level Input
Power Consumption Price

Open Collector (NPN)
+10 to +30V 375mA 4*
Isolation with Common Source
+4 to +30V +1V Max. 3KΩ 0.6W $159

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Reviewed on 03-25-2016 at 06:18 PM

Murphy - starstarstarstarstar 5 / 5

I use this for monitoring my tanks and valves in my water system. It was real easy to set up. I like the graphics and that it all came inside of a package. I had a couple questions and called them up and they answered my questions and gave me some suggestions. I also added some customized reports to it and added data logging. The training videos were easy to follow.

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