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IoTstar Bot Service Package (Used with IoTstar-RC050; Support Bot Service & LINE App)

IoTstar Bot Service-RC050-L

IoTstar Bot Service Package (Used with IoTstar-RC050; Support Bot Service & LINE App)

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About IoTstar Bot Service

LINE is currently one of the most popular IM (Instant Message) communication platform, which provides a convenient mechanism for the message delivery. IoTstar Bot Service is an optional software package for IoTstar that provides users a Two-way message interaction between the WISE/PMC/PMD controllers managed by IoTstar and LINE chat rooms. Through IoTstar Bot Service, the users can query the real-time I/O channel data (or power data) of the I/O module (or power meter) connected to the WISE/PMC/PMD controllers, and instantly change the values of the DO/AO output channels of the I/O modules (or power meters) connected to WISE/PMC/PMD controllers.

In addition, IoTstar Bot Service can receive the text message sent by the WISE/PMC/PMD controllers through the trigger of IF-THEN-ELSE logic rule and send the text message to the LINE account bound to the LINE chat room for the event notification. If WISE is connected with a ICP DAS iCAM IP Camera, IoTstar Bot Service can also send the photo or video file to the LINE account along with the text message, and user can also review the event list and the corresponding images of controller in the past.

System Architecture

IoTstar provides a web interface for real-time monitoring of the remote WISE/PMC/PMD controllers connected to the IoTstar server. IoTstar Bot Service can directly access the I/O channel data of the controllers inside the database built by IoTstar, and then users can monitor and control those remote WISE/PMC/PMD controllers with LINE app; it provides an easier and more convenient mechanism to manage your remote devices.

It does not like the traditional chatbot mechanism to get the service and information by entering the text message. IoTstar Bot Service provides a friendly user interface which includes function buttons and dialogue menu. Performing the monitoring of remote devices is as easy as a few taps on the display.

IoTstar Bot Service provides the two-way communication mechanism between users and PMC/PMD/WISE controllers. With IoTstar Bot Service, users can query the real-time data of the on-site I/O channels or power meters anytime and anywhere, and be able to change the value of output channels.

IoTstar Bot Service also provides the functions to receive, store, and query event messages. WISE/PMC/PMD controllers can be triggered to send event messages to IoTstar Bot Service by IF-THEN-ELSE rules. IoTstar Bot Service would process the received messages and send them to relative LINE users for real-time alarm. In addition, IoTstar Bot Service provides the function to store and query received messages. Users can query the historical events easily.

  • Monitor your devices anytime and anywhere:
    By using LINE app, users can process the two-way communication with remote controllers anytime and anywhere. It is no longer limited to monitor your devices only via computer. With the convenient user interface provided by IoTstar Bot Service, users can easily monitor remote devices with the chat interactive menu.
  • Query real-time I/O channel (power meter) data and change output channels: 
    With LINE app, users can query the real-time I/O channel data (or power data) of the I/O module (or power meter) connected to WISE/PMC/PMD controllers, and instantly change the value of the DO/AO output channel of the I/O module (or power meter) connected to WISE/PMC/PMD controllers.
  • Quickly Browse the real-time data with Group function: 
    Users can edit the Group settings on IoTstar webpage to add I/O channels or power loops in the group. After the Group setting is completed, users can quickly review the real-time data of the selected group, and change the value of the output channels.
  • Receive real-time event messages with text, pictures or videos: 
    Users can set up the WISE/PMC/PMD controller 's IF-THEN-ELSE logic rule to trigger the sending of the notification message to the corresponding LINE chat room. The content of the message contains real-time I/O channel data and power meter data, and the WISE controller can work with the iCAM IP camera to send the picture or video files at the same time.
  • Review and Query Event Messages: 
    IoTstar Bot Service records the event messages sent by the WISE/PMC/PMD controller and the user can review the content of the event message from the event list, including the message text, images and videos. IoTstar Bot Service provides the “Search by time” and “The last 10 events” functions to query the messages.
  • Secure and Reliable Communication:
    The communication between LINE users is protected by E2EE(end-to-end encrypted) protocol. Even the LINE company could not perceive the message content between users. The communication between LINE server and IoTstar Bot Service is processed with HTTPS protocol, and the Root Certificate (Root CA) used by the HTTPS server must be in the Whitelisting of LINE. Furthermore, a linking procedure is required for a LINE account to access the devices; this operation is controlled by the IoTstar account.
  • Easy to Maintain: 
    General apps often require to be updated because of the version update of iOS or Android OS system. Using IoTstar Bot Service, you only need to update the latest app provided by LINE company.



Cloud Monitoring and Maintenance of Machine, Facility and Environment.


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