9 x Slot I/O Expansion Unit (87K I/O Module only)


9 x Slot I/O Expansion Unit (87K I/O Module only)

  Price:  $369.00  


By implementing external serial expansion racks, users are able to easily implement a greater amount of I/O onto an existing industrial control infrastructure. I-87K9 has a serial bus (RS-485) communication interface with DCON protocol. It is equipped with one power module, and 8 Input/Output slots. It is used to expand I/O modules via the RS-485 interface. Only i-87K and m-87K series I/O modules can plug in the unit.
  • COM2
  • Data+, Data-
  • directly drive 256 of 7000 modules
  • Isolation voltage : 3000Vdc
  • RS-485, 115.2K BPS max.
  • 16550 compatible, 16 bytes FIFO
  • max. distance: 4000 feet (1.2 Km)


I/O Expansion Slot
  • Support serial I/O
  •  4 slots for I-87K4
  • 5 slots for I-87K5
  • 8 slots for I-87K8
  • 9 slots for I-87K9

Power Supply

  • Unregulated +10Vdc to +30Vdc
  • 20W

  • Operating temp.: –20°C to +75°C.
  • Storage Temperature: –30°C to +85°C.
  • Humidity: 5 ~ 95%, non-condensing

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