16 Channel Isolated O.C. Output Module


16 Channel Isolated O.C. Output Module

  Price:  $209.00  


I-87057 has a serial bus (RS-485) communication interface with DCON protocol. It can be plugged into our WinCon, LinCon, I-8000 controllers and I-87K, RF-87K I/O expansion units. I-87057 is an Isolated Digital O.C. output Module with 16 channels. I-87057 is a serial cartridge based I/O module that offers the ultimate in cost effective flexibility.


  • Serial I/O Module
  • Digital Output Channels:16
  • O. C. Digital output: 125mA, 30V
  • Isolation Voltage: 3750Vdc
  • LED indicator for each channel of D/I or D/O
  • Power Consumption: 0.8W

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