Rack Mount I/O Module with 2AI, Strain-Gauge,1AO,10VDC,2DI/2DO using DCON protocol.


Rack Mount I/O Module with 2AI, Strain-Gauge,1AO,10VDC,2DI/2DO using DCON protocol.

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  • Strain Gauge Measurement
  • High Resolution: 16-bit
  • Excitation Voltage Output : 0 ~ 10 V
  • Individual Channel Configuration
  • 2-channel Digital Inputs
  • 2-channel Digital Outputs
  • 3000 VDC Intra-Module Isolation
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Wide Operating Temperature Range: -25 ~ +75°C


In the industrial automation & manufacturing industries, there are numerous situations where it is vital to convert physical force into a measurable electrical output; in most cases, you will need a strain gauge or load cell. The question remains, however, of how to handle, convert, and log these electrical signals.

This is where I-87016W should be your NO.1 choice! It not only processes the data from load cells or strain gauges, but also features linear mapping that generates intuitive and synchronous results. Using a user-defined correspondent table, I-87016W converts analog force data directly into a readable weight output.


  • Industrial Automation
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Building Automation
  • Semiconductor Fabrication
  • Control Systems


I/O Specifications

Analog Input
Channels 2
Range +/-15 mV, +/- 50 mV, +/-100 mV,+/-500 mV, +/-1 VDC, +/-2.5 VDC
-20 mA ~ +20 mA (No External Resistor Required)
Strain Gauge Type Full-bridge, Half-bridge, and Quarter-bridge
Resolution 16-bit
Individual Channels Configurable Yes
Accuracy ±0.05% of FSR (Voltage), ±0.1% of FSR (Current)
Sampling Rate 10 Hz (Total)
-3dB Bandwidth 15.7 Hz (10 Hz mode)
Common Mode Rejection 150 dB min.
Normal Mode Rejection 100 dB
Input Impedance > 400 kΩ (Voltage), 125 Ω (Current)
Overvoltage Protection 30 VDC
Long-distance Strain Gauge Measurement Yes
Individual Channel Configurable Yes
Excitation Voltage Output
Channels 1
Range 0 ~ +10 VDC
Resolution 16-bit
Max. Output Load current 80 mA
Accuracy +/- 0.05% of FSR
Output Capacity 10 VDC @ 80 mA
Drift +/- 50 ppm/°C
Digital Input
Channels 2
Contact Wet
Sink /Source (NPN /PNP) Sink
On Voltage Level +3.5 VDC ~ 50 VDC
Off Voltage Level +1 VDC Max.
Input Impedance 10 KΩ, 0.66 W
Event Counter Channels 2
Max. Input Frequency 50 Hz
Min. Pulse Width 10 ms
Channel-to-Channel Isolation Yes
Digital Output
Channels 2
Type Open Collector
Sink /Source (NPN /PNP) Sink
Load Voltage +3.5 VDC ~ 50 VDC
Max. Load Current 700 mA/channel
External Power Reversed Protection
and Short Circuit Protection
Overheating Protection Yes

System Specifications

Interface RS-485
Format N, 8, 1
Baud Rate 1200 ~ 115200 bps
Protocol DCON
Dual Watchdog Yes, Module (1.6 Seconds), Communication (Programmable)
Safe Value 
(When Host Fail or Communication Fail)
Power-on Preset Value Yes
LED Indicators/Display
System LED Indicator 1 LED as Power/Communication Indicator
I/O LED Indicator 4 LEDs as Digital Input/Digital Output status Indicators
Intra-module Isolation, Field-to-Logic 3000 VDC
EMS Protection
ESD (IEC 61000-4-2) 4 kV Contact for each Terminal
8 kV Air for Random Point
Power Consumption Typical 1.1 W
Maximum 2.5 W
Dimensions (W x L x H) 30 mm x 102 mm x 115 mm
Operating Temperature -25 ~ +75°C
Storage Temperature -40 ~ +85°C
Humidity 10 ~ 95% RH, Non-condensing

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