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1 Port Intelligent CAN bus Communication Module


1 Port Intelligent CAN bus Communication Module

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The CAN (Controller Area Network) is a serial communication bus especially suited to interconnect smart devices to build smart systems or sub-system. It efficiently supports distributed real-time control with a very high level of security. In CAN networks, there is no addressing of subscribers or stations in the conventional sense, but instead prioritized messages are transmitted. As standalone CAN controller,I-8120W with WinPAC/LinPAC/iPAC series MCU (main control unit) represents an economic solution. It has one CAN communication port with 5-pin screw terminal connector, and is useful for a wide range of CAN applications. Besides,I-8120W uses the new Phillips SJA1000T and transceiver 82C250, which provide both CAN 2.0A and 2.0B specific, re-transmission function, bus arbitration and error detection.

Combining the benefits of WinPAC/LinPAC/iPAC series MCU without increasing the CPU loading heavily, it could be a powerful multi CAN port programmable device server by driving the program in the 186 CPU ofI-8120W. It can also communicate with other kinds of communication interface, such as RS-232/RS-485/Ethernet ports to be a programmable device server. Therefore, users can design the various applications between different communication protocols.




  • DeviceNet
  • CANopen, CAN J1939, and other CAN protocol applications
  • CAN bus communication application
  • Industry automation
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Building Automation
  • Food
  • Beverage
  • Semiconductor Fabrication
  • Control system




Basic Software Architecture

Default Firmware Architecture

Default Firmware Architecture

User-defined Firmware Architecture

User Defined Firmware Architecture

Relationship of User Defined Software

Firmware Library Structure

Firmware Library Architecture




Common Features

  • Support WinPAC-8000 series MCU (driver for LinPAC and iPAC series MCU will be available soon)
  • 8 KB DPRAM inside
  • RTC(Real Time Clock) inside
  • Allow user to program user-defined firmware in I-8120W
  • Support default firmware update
  • eVC++ demos and libraries are given
  • C/C++ function libraries of firmware is given

CAN Port Features

  • Follow ISO11898-2 specification
  • Philip SJA1000T CAN controller
  • Philip 82C250 CAN transceiver
  • CAN controller frequency :16 MHz
  • 2500 Vrms photo-isolation protection on CAN side
  • Switch for 120 Ω terminator resistor of CAN bus
  • Compatible with CAN specification 2.0 parts A and B
  • Provide default baud rate: 10 kbps, 20 kbps, 50 kbps, 125 kbps, 250 kbps, 500 kbps, 800 kbps, and 1 Mbps
  • Allow user-defined baud rate
  • Cyclic transmission precision: ±0.5ms precision when cyclic time is below 10ms , ±1% error when cyclic time exceeds 10ms
  • Provide 5 sets of cyclic transmission
  • Timestamp of CAN message with ±1ms precision


Hardware Specifications

Microprocessor inside with 80186 80MHz
CAN Port Channels
CAN Transceiver
Phillips 82C250
CAN Controller
Phillips SJA1000 with 16MHz
CAN Connector
ISO/IS 11898-2, 5-pin screw terminal connector
Max. Baud Rate
2500 Vrms on the CAN side
Terminator Resistor
Selectable 120Ω terminator resistor by switch
Support Protocol
CAN 2.0A/2.0B
8 KB
512 KB / 512 KB / 2 KB
WinPAC-8000 libraries
Baud Rate Configure
10 k, 20 k, 50 k, 125 k, 250 k, 500 k, 800 k and 1 Mbps
User-defined Baud
Support user-defined baud rate
Transmit Buffer
256 records CAN message transmit buffer size
Receive Buffer
2048 records CAN message reception buffer size
Power Requirement
Unregulated +10 ~ +30 VDC
Power Consumption
2 W
Rx/Tx LED: Rx/Tx data, Err LED: CAN error occur, PWR LED: Power on
Operating Temp.
-25 ~ 75 ℃
Storage Temp.
-30 ~ 85 ℃
5~95 % RH non-condensing
31mm x 91mm x 115mm (W x L x H)

Software Utility Features

  • Utility tool for downloading user-defined firmware and updating default firmware
  • Development Toolkit for eVC++ on WinPAC
  • Development Toolkit for C/C++ on MiniOS7
  • I-8120W don't support any ISaGRAF series main control unit

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