Two Channel CAN Bus Bridge helps establish a connection between two CAN bus Systems in a network. CAN/CAN FD Bridge.  Replacement product for I-7532.


Two Channel CAN Bus Bridge helps establish a connection between two CAN bus Systems in a network. CAN/CAN FD Bridge. Replacement product for I-7532.

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  • Compatible with the ISO 11898-2 standard
  • Compatible with CAN specification 2.0 A/B and FD
  • CAN FD support for ISO and Non-ISO (Bosch) standards switchable
  • CAN FD bit rates for data field from 100 kbps to 10000 kbps
  • CAN bit rates from 10 kbps to 1000 kbps
  • Support CAN Bus message filter configuration
  • Support CAN/CAN FD frame forwarding rule, mapping rule, merging rule and splitting rule
  • Support CAN network status analysis via Utility tool
  • Messaging traffic of each port up to 10,000 fps
  • The baud rate of each port can be different for highly flexibility



I-7532M-FD is a local CAN/CAN FD (CAN with Flexible Data-Rate) bridge used to establish a connection between two CAN/CAN FD networks. It can increase the bus loading capacity, extend communication distance, connect CAN/CAN FD networks with different baud rate and support messages transform between CAN and CAN FD networks. I-7532M-FD supports messages transform from CAN to CAN, CAN to CAN FD, CAN FD to CAN and CAN FD to CAN FD. Besides, It also supports frame mapping rule, merging rule(combine multiple CAN messages to one CAN FD message) and splitting rule (split one CAN FD message to multiple CAN messages) for some specific messages transformation. Users can freedom to use these rules for their application. After connecting USB port with PC, user can use I-7532-FD Utility tool to configure module’s baud rate and rules. Then user can simple and easy to use the module.






  • Control System
  • Building Automation
  • Factory Automation
  • Distributed data acquisition


LED Indicators
Status 1 x Power
1 x USB status
2 x CAN status
Specification USB 2.0 High Speed (480Mbps)
Connector 1 x USB (Mini-B)
Driver Built-in Windows 7/8.1/10
Ports 2
Baud Rate CAN bit rates: 10 k ~ 1 M bps,
CAN FD bit rates for data field: 100 k ~ 10M bps (*Note1)
Isolation 3000 VDC for DC-to-DC, 2500 Vrms for photocoupler
Terminal Resistor Switch for 120Ω terminal resistor
Specification ISO 11898-2, CAN 2.0 A/B and FD
Filter Yes
Receive Buffer 128 frames
Time Delay [ 1Mbps (8-byte Data) ] ID-29bit => 160 us ; ID-11bit => 142 us
[ 10Kbps (8-byte Data) ] ID-29bit => 13.8 ms ; ID-11bit => 12 ms
Data Flow 10,000 FPS (each port)

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