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Embedded Communication controller with 7 Ports. Supports operating temperatures between -25 to 75°C.


Embedded Communication controller with 7 Ports. Supports operating temperatures between -25 to 75°C.

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There are many RS-232 devices in industry applications. Nowadays it becomes important to link all those RS-232 devices together for automation & information. Usually those RS-232 devices are far away from the host-PC & widely distributed in the factory. So it is not a good idea to use multi-serial cards to connect all these RS-232 devices together. Our I-752N series products can be used to link multiple RS-232 devices by single RS-485 network. The RS-485 is famous for it's easy maintenance, simple cabling, stable, reliable and low cost.

Onboard 1Kb Queue buffer

The I-752N modules are equipped with a 1Kb queue buffer for its local RS-232 device. All input data can be stored in the queue buffer until the Host PC has time to read it. These features allow the Host PC to be linked to thousands of RS-232 devices without any loss of data.

3000V isolation on RS-485 side

COM2 of the I-752N modules is an isolated RS-485 port with 3000V isolation, which will protect the local RS-232 devices from transient noises coming from the RS-485 network. 

Self-Tuner ASIC inside

The interned I-752N Self-Tuner ASIC for the RS-485 port can auto detect and control the send/receive direction of the RS-485 network, meaning that there is no need for application programs to be concerned about direction control of the RS-485 network.The advanced technology which makes this possible is covered.

Can be used as Addressable RS-485 to RS-232 Converter

Most RS-232 devices don't support device addressing. The ICPDAS I-752N series assigns a unique address to any RS-232 device installed on an RS-485 network. When the Host PC sends a command with a device address to the RS-485 network, the destination I-752N module will remove the address field, and then pass the other commands to its local RS-232 devices. The response from the local RS-232 devices will be returned to the Host PC via the I-752N.

Master-type Addressable RS-485 to RS-232 Converter

ICPDAS I-752N products are unique. In that they are Master-type converters which use our R.O.C. Patent086674, while most other converters are Slave-type, which are helpless without a Host PC. In real industrial applications, many users are not satisfied with Slave-type converters as they cannot be adapted to individual requirement. 

The powerful I-752N series analyzes the local RS-232 devices, DI and DO without the need for a Host PC. Refer to Applications 5~9 for more information in the manual.

Can be used as RS-485 to RS-232 Device Server

The Device Server is an appliance that network enables any device with a serial communication port. Our Intelligent Communication Controllers allow those devices to become connected to the RS-485 network If the user wants to use Ethernet work, he can choose I-7188EN series products.

  • Built-in "Addressable RS-485 to RS-232 Converter" firmware
  • Support about 30 well-defined commands
  • Support Dual-Watchdog commands
  • Support Power-up value & safe value for DO
  • The firmware can real-time monitor the onboard DI and control the onboard DO according to user's requirement
  • The firmware can real-time monitor the RS-232 device and control the onboard D/O according to user's requirement
  • Watchdog timer provides fault tolerance and recovery
  • Low power consumption
  • R.O.C. Invention Patent No. 086674, No.103060, No. 132457


Build-in Watchdog Timer Yes
For I-7521/I-7522/I-7523 Male DB-9
For I-7521/I-7522/I-7523 13-pin screw terminal block ( accepts 16~26 AWG wires ); 3.81mm pitch
For I-7522A/I-7524/I-7527 14-pin screw terminal block ( accepts 16~22 AWG wires ); 3.5mm pitch
COM2 (self-tuner ASIC inside) Isolation voltage 3000V for I-7521/I-7522/I-7523
Self-tuner ASIC inside
For RS-485 COM2 , COM1
Communication speed
All ports 115.2K bps max
Digital Input/Output
Digital Input Input type : non-isolated
On voltage level : +1V max (Connect to GND)
Off voltage level : +3.5V~30V (Open)
Digital Output Output type : Open-collector
Output current : 100mA
Max load voltage : +30V/DC
I-7521/I-7522/I-7523 119mm x 72mm x 33mm
I-7522A/I-7524/I-7527 123mm x 72mm x 33mm
Operating Environment
Operating Temperature -25°C to +75°C
Storage Temperature -40°C to +80°C
Humidity 0 to 90%
Protection Power reverse polarity protection
Power requirement 10 to 30V/DC
Power consumption 2W (without display)
3W (with display)

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