EtherCAT Master, Max. 8-Axis Synchronously, 13-channel Digital I/O, 2-Axis Encoder


EtherCAT Master, Max. 8-Axis Synchronously, 13-channel Digital I/O, 2-Axis Encoder

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EtherCAT (Ethernet for Control Automation Technology) is an open, high-performance fieldbus system that makes Ethernet technologies available at the I/O level. EtherCAT provides flexible wiring, fast communication and many other nice features. It needs a master to control many slaves. ICP DAS provides PC master cards for users to build their motion related applications. This card can offer multi-axis motion and I/O control functions by its own built-in CPU. In this way, the CPU loading of PC can be reduced dramatically. In the mean while, ICP DAS also provides many I/O slave modules for users to choose from. Since EtherCAT technology is an industrial standard, those modules can work together in a system with 3rd-party EtherCAT slaves as well.

  • Up to 32-axis motion control
  • Up to 64 slaves
  • Slave operation (SDO, PDO)
  • Axis homing
  • Single-axis position and velocity control
  • Synchronized motion (E-GEAR, E-CAM)
  • Virtual axes
  • Multi-group motion control
  • Multi-axis linear interpolation
  • 2D/3D circular interpolation
  • Helical interpolation
  • On board 13 DI and 13 DO
  • On board 2 encoder interfaces with compare trigger output
  • API for CiA402 servo drives and ICP DAS stepper motor control modules
  • API for ICP DAS DI/DO and AI/AO modules
  • Hardware emergency stop




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