Training Videos - Earthquake Early Warning Technology

An earthquake warning system consists of accelerometers, communication equipment, computers, controllers and alarms that can provide real time notification about earthquakes that have potential for damage.  Seismic switches acquire seismic activity through MEMS Accelerometers which measure the force of acceleration.  In this free online training from ICP DAS USA you will learn about our products used in Earthquake Monitoring Technology.

SAR-713 is a seismic recorder device with a tri-axial accelerometer which helps to detect earthquakes.  It has a built-in algorithm which can eliminate non-earthquake vibrations making it more reliable.  It has digital outputs that can be triggered for the emergency shutoff of gas and water valves and other equipment for protection of property. 

WinPAC and ViewPAC are programmable automation controllers that can be used for sending alarms, retrieving data, controlling systems and automating processes.  They have FTP servers for sending and receiving files and HTTP servers for publishing web pages.  ViewPAC has a touch screen interface and a rubber keypad and can be used to display information.

Touch Pad Controllers are compact Touch Screen Controller HMI devices for building and home automation. The Touchpad Touch Screen PLC are controllers with a high definition TFT color screens to display and monitor your devices. Our touch screen controller like TPD-280 conveniently fits in regular electrical wall-mount outlets.

HMI Works is an HMI, Ladder Logic, and C Language based development software for the TouchPAD series, including TPD series and VPD series. Custom design your display device and talor your situational needs with its' graphical library.

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