Customized Products

Did you know that ICP DAS USA offers custom product design and manufacturing services?

We have a great selection of products and are also fully capable of designing and manufacturing products according to your exact specifications. This allows you to save both development time and money. ICP DAS is proudly listed as an ISO 9001 and ISO 9002 company.

To discuss your Custom, OEM or Private-Labeling needs, call (888) 517-9888

Our customers find that ICP DAS USA ’s custom product development saves them time and money.

Put your design needs in the hands of ICP DAS USA, your experts in data acquisition, industrial control and data communication.

You may contact us by email, phone or by completing the form below.  We can provide you with more information on our products or a web presentation.

Our service to you includes:

  • Hardware and software engineering
  • Quick-turn prototype and production
  • Turn-key project management
  • Prototype and volume manufacturing
  • 100% product testing
Customized Products Solution Stories: