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data logging software

3 Easy-to-use Software for Data Logging

Data logging is the process of getting data from sensors and analyze the data on a PC. It involves recording data over time in order to get samples of real world physical information and converting the resulting samples into digital numeric values that can be manipulated by a computer. A data logging system can collect various types of information, including temperatures, electrical currents, voltage, sound frequencies, vibrations, times, light intensities, pressure, etc. Choosing an easy to use data logging software is very important in improving users’ efficiency and saving cost. Software like InduSoft, eLogger, and EZ Data Logger can easily be incorporated with existing data acquisition systems and remote monitoring and control systems to show the status of equipment, send email or text alarms to users, log and analyze data, implement control demands and generate reports.

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energy monitoring

3 Things You Should Consider When Choosing an Energy Meter

Intelligent power meters and monitoring equipment can be used to show electricity consumption, help with load management, transformer monitoring, and power monitoring. Smart Power Meters give you access to real-time power consumption and can save you time and money since changes can be made to reduce energy usage automatically when it's not needed. Touch Screen PLC's, data loggers, Programmable Automation Controllers, and PC's running SCADA software can be used for control, monitoring and displaying the data in a way that's easy to understand and analyze.

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Wireless Technology

3 Ethernet Based Relay Output Devices

Web based relay output modules are flexible and easy to use solutions. They allow you to trigger a remote relay device from any location through a standard web browser like Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. Web based relay output devices feature a web server for configuration, monitoring and control. Modbus TCP communication over Ethernet provides for easy use with SCADA and other monitoring and control software through drivers.

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data logging article

5 Ways you can do Data Logging in Less than 5 Minutes

Logging data has many benefits. It can help you to save energy, be more efficient, solve a problem or find a trend. There are may different ways you can log data like with a simple data logger, an embedded controller or with data acquisition modules connected to your PC. You can log at time intervals like every minute or every hour. Most of these systems take about 5 minutes to set up.

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economical touchscreen

5 Ways You Can Remotely Access Your Applications

The ability to remotely access data is very convenient. You can save yourself time by not having to go visit an application site if you do things like can check the status, close a valve, adjust temperature or turn lights off from a remote location. You can save money on travel expenses or on major repairs since you can also set your system up so you can get alarms via email or text message before any damage like a flood can occur.

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automated toll roads

RS-485 Communication

RS-485 is a serial based multipoint communication and electrical specification of a two-wire, half-duplex, multipoint serial communications channel. RS-485 allows for lower cost network communication as the cabling is inexpensive and transmits across a large distance. RS-485 equipment can be controlled by a set of commands. RS-485 is widely used in computer automation systems (building automation, machine automation and factory automation and other systems).

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Low Powered Data Acquisition Equipment

Types of Low Powered Data Acquisition Equipment

Low power consumption and low power input data acquisition equipment is useful for portable solar powered applications that can be installed in remote locations like out in a desert, field or on the ocean as standalone systems. It can communicate over different mediums and protocols like Modbus RTU, Ethernet, Modbus TCP, and Zigbee communication. Low power data acquisition equipment is low maintenance, robust and flexible for many different kinds of applications. Solar powered applications usually provide 12VDC for powering devices.

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